Joomla! Template 002067 - Item Support

I did what you asked for.

Please check.

Please check your website.

Regards, AS Team.
Works fine!

Many thanx from Greece

News Show Pro GK5

Related Articles do have images (intro and full).
Displaying the article directly shows the image.
But on this module, only the link to the article is displayed, not the image.

Do I have to create thumbnails ?

Site is still under development locally.

Regards, Reinhold
Have you installed this template using quick-start installation package?
In case to help you we have to see your website.

Regards, AS Team.
Which Joomla version is now supported???
After the last update my CONTACT page is just empty.
When I downgrade, it works fine again.

See all the template details here written by users TEAMPLAY, TEAMPLAY2 and TEAMPLAY3.
It's just incredible, but my password works only a couple of week and then I have to create a new account here, to be able to get a support.
Your Template works with Installed Joomla version 3.6.5
Your Template does not work with Latest Joomla version 3.7.5
The issue was fixed in the latest template version, the list of updated files you can find here:

We think your hosting provide blocks our emails, for recovering your password please use email like gmail or yahoo.

Regards, AS Team.

I cannot see any mails from you sent to my previous mail accont. Neither locally nor in the web online, in spam ordner or anywhere else.

Would you please

1. provide the download link for the fix to me and
2. make sure, that my previous account TEAMPLAY3 accepts my previous password and does not loose it every couple of weeks or
3. send the new recover password to me?

I cannot forget my previous password because I use the same for many other accounts and it's written in a special database on my PC.

For recovering the password please contact us via the following page:

You license for downloading the item was expired a long time ago, you will need to extend it, after extending the license the template you will be able to download from your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
1. I know how to recover my password. But your server does not sent any recovery mails out.
2. Why your server looses the user passwords after several weeks?
3. How much do you want for extending the license?
4. Will I need to pay every year, in order my web site works with new Joomla versions?
The recovery password was sent to you 2017-09-13 at 04:44, we think your hosting provide by some reason blocked our emails.
The price you will see under your account.
The license grants you to receive our support and access to download the item/design for a period of 365 days after the date of purchase. During this period, the item/design will be upgraded regularly and your license grants you permission to download these upgrades. After your license expires, you may continue to use the templates your entitlements allow for, so the templates are not time-limited.

For recovering the password please contact us via the following page:

Regards, AS Team.

please chjeck my page
after update to PHP 7.1 we have a problem!

We updated this plugin with the latest version, but seems it not fixed this problem, we need an access to your server via FTP please.

Regards, AS Team.

I just upgraded to the latest tem;plate and this issue has re-occured. The only thing I did was upload the new tmpl.default.css to the css directory and this seems to have caused the issue.

Any ideas?

You can still login using the credntials I gave before



My last comment relates to the issue I posted on POSTED: 2017-03-08 around trhis issue:

This code appears in the Slider on the FP and some of the article displays on the left: "{div class="editable" data-id="4" data-context="article" data-type="title" data-itemtype="article" contenteditable="true" style="display:inline;"}"

The Apache login is not working please check.

Regards, AS Team.
I have now fixed it, my apology! You can log in with it.
You have a problem with 'Editor - ARKEditor' plugin ID 10172, after we disabled it the slider is working fine.

Regards, AS Team.
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