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Hi, I am having problems getting the testimonials to display correctly. I have put the shortcodes in K2 (it just displays the code), in articles ( displays nothing), in custom HTML which works but I can not get it to display multiple testimonials horizontally only vertically. I have tried both multiple testimonials in one custom HTML module and using multiple modules, heck I even tried modifying the template and adding more columns.
Would appreciate if you can tell me WHERE to code these (k2, articles or custom HTML) and WHAT the code is to get multiple testimonials to display horizontally.

I really like the template but keep coming across small problems like this that are time consuming. Would be nice if you could include some sample data that shows how you get the template to function like your demo example it would make it a lot easier to create a site.
After last downlod and new joomla version 3.7.0; we can not use our template. A lot of trouble with it a lot of module dosn't work, and other problem. We need to buy a new template beause we can not loose time. The template in question is corporate PCMSHAPER .
Please can you do the repayment.
Tanks you for you answer
After purchasing the Corporite template, it is totally unusable for us. The documentation is minimal and of very little help. Where can w efind detailed instructions on the use of this template? Is it not customize-able? Can we not pick only the elements we want to use? Very unhappy with this purchase.
Thank you for your reply.

Customization is a problem for us. I will contact support.

Ik heb zojuist deze template besteld. Kunnen jullie checken of dat doorgekomen is want mijn PC deed vreemd.
Ik hoor het graag van jullie.

Met vriendelijke groet

Hallo please help. I used Quick installaties but my website look very strange.

Kind regards,


Problem solved.
After joomla update i got a error: 1054 unknown column 'a.client etc

Kind regards,


I tried to modify the home page tm fullwidth slider , but some of the settings seems like not working , I delete the second link wording and leave it empty but it auto restore back to wordpress, how can I modify this ?


I changed my preset color. (preset1.css) Color change #467c71 to #085b0b.
Everything oke. But after a Joomla update the color #085b0b change back in #467c71.

What can I do to change it so it don’t change after a Joomla update?

Please help.
Hi, i have a little problem with my slider text its not available in responsive templates or any phone or tablet. On my Laptop or computer i can see the text is there something i forget.?
Hi sure i did.

Hello ergun68!

We would first like to thank you for the faith and confidence you have placed in Alechko Studio Ltd.

You've just paid $29.00 for the item: 002059

The item you can download from 'My Purchased Items' section of your AS Template account.
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AS Support Team.
Hello ERGUN68,
For any questions regarding the purchased item 002059 please contact the template author via the following template support page:

Regards, AS Team.
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