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Hello TemplateMesh,

thanks for the great Template. Now I have my first problem.
Under Template-Options - > basic -> I have hidden your brand info. After that everything was blank. I tried to set the show credit to show but nothing happend.

I hope you can help me. Only the Backend is visible! The Frontend is white. No content.

Greetings Sascha
Hi again,

thanks for the quick response. But nothing happend after the reinstall of the template.

Furthermore the page is like a blank page. When I change the template than I cann see the content.

What can we do now?

Greetingg Sascha
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Thank you! But how can I fix it for my own? In the Future I will Set up More Websites with this Template.

Greetings Sascha

i also have the issue when changing the footer or copyright text.
The result is a blanc page.
I removed the template and reinstall it.. same issue.

footer can be disabled.. but when a change the copywright text a blanc page.

i just send you the information true the general questions link below on your website.. when i need to use a other form or mail adres please tell my what / where..

i need to know what the issue is.. i need to build serveral sites with the same template for the client..
need the fix badly...
Comment in status pending...

It will be published after it has been approved by the Website Administrator.

I have just bought and installed this template.

Unfortunately when opening my website I get the following message:

Fatal error: Call to a member function Header() on a non-object in /homepages/14/d328672236/htdocs/templates/tm_corporite/index.php on line 26

What is the problem??

Dear Astemplates,
I have this problem. On the slideshow I need to bring up only two pictures. So I try to remove the existing pics on the module, but I always see the old on the frontend.
How do I resolve ?

Is this template a one page template ? if not can it be change to one page style ?


I tried to modify the home page tm fullwidth slider , but some of the settings seems like not working , I delete the second link wording and leave it empty but it auto restore back to wordpress, how can I modify this ?

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