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Hi, is it possible for the pictures to set a fixed size (like 300x300) on the blog categorie page?

tnx arthur

When i add a new article en put a intro image or a full article image it is not possible to adjust the size

Please look and scroll down this page, top of the blog aritcles are real size, down the page i cropped them by hand. I want it to be automatic the good size so i'm looking for a way to show a fixed size.

thanks for looking

i found in theme.css #150 this
* Responsiveness
* 1. Sets a maximum width relative to the parent and auto scales the height
* 2. Corrects `max-width` behavior if padding and border are used
video {
/* 1 */
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;
/* 2 */
box-sizing: border-box;

when i set max with to 300px then it looks ok to me but it destroy's the frontpage

Hi, is there somewere a list of all codes like "uk-button-success" what i can use in the module class suffix?
Or are there only 3 colors possible?
I cant find the color for "info message"

I find this -> but i can't seems to find out how the code for the colors works, they are diiferent (lighter on this page)

Great tnx!!

Another question, is it possible to have more modules below each other in position "main-bottom"?
I liked to have 4 or 5 times the mod_xpert gallery on that position, now when i put there a second module it is on the same row.

WOW !!
Thanks for the list and pointing to the grid, it works like i want it to.

Again thanks!!

Hi, is it possible to have 2 logo's, 1 for desktop and 1 for mobile?
What do i have to do to (auto)switch between them?

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