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good morning, I now twice the side played good. But I do not get an access to the baackend. I used only one indication of the Passowrt, since I had time thought with first that I had used up myself. But I get now no access to the backend. With the Kickstart variant is new. It was before the Quick installation. I wish to also have these here. Why suddenly kickstart and why does not get an acces into backend. I am disappointed: (
I want to customize the home page and put my own text under the titles like "Clean and unique design, Strong shortcodes framework," and so on.

But when I use tinyMCE Editor (built in joomla backoffice) to change the text of the four titles, the small blue cercle images above the four titles disappear and I don't understand. Can you help ?

I have been trying to install, but it seems like all the files are not in the quickstart zip file. There are a lot of .ini files, I am not able to run the setup.
hello, I have a problem with the template, when I try to view it from a mobile device called stable lt another template appears ...
please help....
Good evening LTHEME, I bought your Joomla template, with the idea of ​​installing it as seen in the demonstration. And nothing similar.
The pack does not include any images, which makes the template very unusable. I ask you to inform me what I can do to receive the pack with images and complete modules.

Thank you.
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LT Design Studio
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Joomla 4 Product
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