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Hello, I have purchased the LT Medical template week ago, I going through some issue that I need some help with. when I click on one of the menu bar (for example blog) and takes me to other page, the menu changes to a lighter color even my logo which make it very hard to see. could you please help me with a way to fix it? Thanks in advance!


I would like to know how you can change the color of the menu bar permanently ? PSC in the Annex.

Ok thank you!

I have a problem with modules that I install in this template - for example: Ignite gallery Phoca maps .

On this page doesn't appear the breadcrumbs module, even
though the options is assigned.

On the other side of breadcrumbs module works.

Can you help me ?

My website
Hello, I have such a problem, in the main menu I insert contacts (phone and e-mail) through 'Templates: Styles (Site)' into the admin panel, after that menu items move down and they can not be seen, can I somehow fix this would be in the main menu of the site was the display of contacts, and yet in SOCIAL ICONS there are no instagrams, but it is very necessary! help me please
After updating the version of joomla at 3.8.8, two situations have changed:
1) The Adv Portfolio Pro module always displays one less column, if you set 4 columns he organizes it in 3, if you set 5 columns he organizes it in 4 leaving an empty column;
2) 2) The images of OUR AWARDS are arranged in a column.
In addition, the Adv Portfolio Pro extension does not update.
Can you help me?
I leave you access to both the backend and the frontend.
User: admin pass: @Spring49
I'm sorry, my website is
Done installation! after restoration clean up this pops up after i try visit the front page
Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /home2/mydirectory/ on line 34
up on accessing admin back end this pops up
Fatal error: Class 'FOF30\Container\Container' not found in /home2/mydirectory/ on line 189
is his also php issue or installation issue?
the three picture of Front page sliders are freezing what seem to be the problem? i only see loading fan icon
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