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How can I Change/Edit/Delete the footer on my template that I Buy?
"Powered by Warp Theme Framework"
I think is not important for me to show this information, but its to big!
I have a problem with the logo. The logo source is very strange: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"images/logo/logo.png\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

Here is the site:

How could i fix this? Thank you.
Hello again,

Yes, finally I have found this module, however, there is a strange error. When I save changes symbols \ are auto generated and inserted into the code. I insert <img src="/images/logo/logo.png"/> and after two times saving it looks like: <img src=\\\"/images/logo/logo.png\\\"/> I cannot understand why. I am facing this first time.

Thank you in advance.

how can I embed a search box on my website with the espresso template? Modul - search - modul position search - doesn't work..

Hi, Is there a modulposition for search module ?
Hello, we bought the Espresso PT - Extended License Template within is the B2J Contact Manager Version 2.0 from 2014 the module does not work out of the box with a 3.6 Joomla save is not possible. is there a way to update the module? (P.S.S. To download the B2J Extension, please go to our friends' J! Extension Club called codextrous. and there i need a 1 year subscription) Regards Bernhard
How do we change the white background color behind the articles? How to expand the slider module?
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