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Any update for this issue?
I purchased the template today and installed it.
On Widget sections, it shows the following:
New version available! Download Widgetkit 1.5.9

The free available is Widgetkit Lite.
Please do it again. Have notified another mail id on your email.
Not recd on any mail id
I need to change the content "Welcome to Tech City"
I cannot find that under Modules or Content.
How to update the Wrap themework.
I downloaded the warp themework from the link, but when I copied the files, the layout / lookout of Administrator-Extn Manaer--Templates--techcity broke.

I need to display four (insted of three) images on the position "slide".
Also need to change the color of Text on those slides from white to some other.
On the desktop, the color of the text has changed. But when viewed on mobile, it still shows white.
The Module News Show SP2, shows properly on Desktop, but not on mobile.
How to change the color of the Top and Footer from black to something else. My logo is of dark color, so need to change it.
No such option of > settings > customizer
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Tech City PT
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