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The bootstrap column size for your logo is set to 12, you have to change it to 3 columns, for your menu you have to set it to 9 columns.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks that worked. And how can I get the whole black row of position 1 to the top. Mine is 2 cm off.
You have to check module in the position 3 published on the home page and set the Show Title parameter to Hide.

Regards, AS Team.
How easy can it be sometimes...if you can find the solution. Thanks.
How can I enlarge the width of the submenu's? Now the name is taking two lines. You can find the submenu in :

thanks again
The submenu size you can change using the AS Menu Options, see Submenu Width (px) parameter.

Regards, AS Team.
How can I change the height within the differend positions? The title in postion 16, starts 3 cm from the beginning and after the title the body also starts again 3 cm lower.

I want to have it more closer together.
It can be changed by editing css files. You can easy determinate the file which should be changed and the css class by installing and using Fireblug plugin:

For more info please see the following article:

Regards, AS Team.
Good day,
I would like to know, where do you save the icons for Facebook, Twitter, ect in this template? The images are used in the bottom of the page underneath 'Follow us' module.

Also, where do I see which icon styles can I assign to the telephone number, email, ect in the Contact Us. I accidently deleted the sample content for Contact Us, and do not know which styles I should assign for telephone and email.
The social media you can find in your Joomla admin panel -> Menus -> Social menu.
Can you please provide us with your website url, we have to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team,
my site url is saved as url in my account with this template.

Icons in 'Contact us'
If you have a look at the 'Contact Us' in the footer of the home page, you'll see next to the address is an icon - but I would like to know which Icons should I refer to for the Telephone and email addresses as css style?

Social Icons
I see you refer to the menu item, and in there it refers to icon-facebook as CSS Style. I want to know where do you set the images for the Facebook style - in order to create one for Instagram?
Here is the source code how it is done in our demo preview:

<ul class="address">
<li class="icon-home firstItem">
<i class="spacer_w">___</i>
17600 Yonge St, Toronto, Canada
<li class="icon-phone">
<i class="spacer_w">___</i>
<li class="icon-mobile">
<i class="spacer_w">___</i>
<li class="icon-printer">
<i class="spacer_w">___</i>
<li class="icon-skype">
<i class="spacer_w">___</i>
Your Skype Name
<li class="icon-mail lastItem">
<i class="spacer_w">___</i>

For the instagram item you have to use 'icon-instagram' css class.

Regards, AS Team.
Awesome! Works like a charm. Thank you so much
Can you tell me the name of the gallery extension that you used in this template?
Hello CDSWEB1,

Sorry we are not providing support for free items.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello i have a problem with installation! we become error!
Variable 'collation_connection' can't be set to the value of 'NULL'
Variable 'character_set_client' can't be set to the value of 'NULL'

And please change the url for me, it is

Sorry, not quite understand the problem, can you please provide us with more info?

Regards, AS Team.
first we have filled the url address incorrectly! We have filled with but the correct is "" please change this and maby this is the erro why we can not installation the joomla with quickstart! It starts to install but in the middle from install it stops with this error! from first blog from me!
The issue is not related to your subdomain, it depends on your server settings, please download the latest package from your AS account and try to install it.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, I have problem with language flags. My "language switcher" is in positon AS-positon3. There is also a module "Background Home" in this position and he covers my flags. What should I do??
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