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I migrate the oceania template from my local machine to service hosting and it works well but I have a problem. In the section Our work when I click on one of six pictures I have this Error 404 : /6-oceanic-lagoons Not Found
The link attached with this picture is This link give the error 404 however the link works well without error. Any idea to solve this problem ?
Your answer is really helpfull and I am very happy to read your post ! My problem was solved by turning off SEF Urls for the links.
Thanks you very much !
I notice a bug with the 6contacts module included in the oceania template. On the form, if you fill the email field with another email than your email administrator the email is not sent. So, For example If I fill the form with email =, the email is sent but If I fill the form with email =, the email is never sent.
So we can't use the template like this ... Could you help us ?
One more time, thanks you very much for your reply !
One another bug in this template is when we go with a smartphone or tablet on the "about us" section. You can notice in the "demo preview" titles under icones are completly confused (mixed beacause too near). Any idea to correct this ? (maybe and addon in the hml code used in modules ...)

installing with quicksetup i get an error "Restricted access"

any clue how to solve it ?


did it

please have a try --> error --> works

this is just after quicksetup

moreover i would like to install template in a exiting sand working web site, can you suggest me steps or maybe can you do it for us (payed)

kind regards


ps: my email is for contact me directly




is it possible to have plugin joomla fish to have possibility for translation to other languages?


I did not made purchase but we have intention to purchase it.
Before purchase we need to know is it possible to have translation to others languages.
Is it possible?
Hi , i have purchased the Oceania PT , how can i change the backround iimages like img1.jpg to something else of mine? other than upload new image with the same name?
hi . this templates it does not cover me. I want one
templates such as Oceania , but to support
will allow you to upload/change the images directly via the admin section.

do you have anything to suggest to me?
Thank you.
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Oceania PT
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Joomla 3 Product

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