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done, thanks for your support.

I noticed in the Themes folder there are a few small button icons for the top menu (search, home etc..)

My top nav bar only shows the menu title. how do I turn the images on?


Please see the following article:
You need Position - 3 module customization.

Thanks for your reply. It worked.

I would like to add a 4rth icon for login. I created the icon out of one of the sample images, added the code (div id=”loginlink” etc...) to the custom html and added the classes to the template.css for ”loginlink”

However when I test, I don't see the icon. I did notice that the icon I created (in photoshop) is only 266 bytes while your icons are 2.83 kb

Am I missing a step or something?

We think you have put a wrong path to the image in your css class, please check it one more time.
I purchased premium version. Will it be possible to install it on my local test environment before going online with it (because it says ”for one website only”).
Yes, you can install it on your localhost test server
Thanks for your quick reply!

The template.css has no hard-coded paths to the images. I declare the paths in the custom html module.

Is there another css file I sould be looking at?


It defined it the styles.php file which generates css classes, please look on line 108 and 115 as example.
Awesome! that's the only file I didn't look at...

Thanks so much.

One more question... if I may.

In Joomla, I can copy php templates into htdocs/mydomain/templates/myTemplate/html and they will override the original templates during runtime.

Can I do the same with CSS files (styles.php, template.css etc)? I'm wondering if there is a way to implement my changes in a copy of the original CSS.

As we know in the htdocs/mydomain/templates/myTemplate/html you can put modules only, but you can try and let us know :)
When activating the module ”Footer” with Joomla's integrated copyright information, the copyright text appears twice:

First with no distance to the social link module like this:
Copyright © 2012 [name of the website]. All Rights Reserved.
Joomla! is Free Software released under the GNU General Public License.

Second after a [hr]separator:
Copyright © 2012 [name of the website]

Sorry, if this was already answered somewhere, but since here is no option for searching the posts, I can't look thorugh all 188 comments manually.
Can You please provide us with an URL?
It's on localhost test environment. Sorry.
Sorry, on this case we can't help you.
Hi there,
Am loving working with this template. Thank You!!

Just a question about the css file.
I notice that when I view the source in my browser the css is attached to the page rather than linked to it.
Is there a reason for this and can I change it ?

The 'attached css' you can find in the styles.php file, it generates depends on the template parameters.
You can create your own css file and include it after styles.php in the index.php file.
Maybe a conflict between first used lite version and later installed premium version?
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