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Very cool template!

I have a multilingual website and inserted the language switcher module at position-3. But this looks not nice, because the language flags are not vertically centered. Also on position-40, the language flags are framed and displayed without left margin. The appearance in IE9 and Firefox 6.0 is also different. How / where can I customize the language switcher style?

Preferably I would the menu module and the language switcher module side by side in position 3 (horizontal).
You have to create a new css for your module.
Hello, first I must say, there are great layouts!
Here's my question:
However whenever I test the home page I get a pop-up saying ”Designed by AS ....”
Can I disable this in the free version?
If so, how?

Sorry for my bad English;-)

That is because you deleted our copyright in the footer, we are not allow to do this, please read our Terms of use, in case to delete it you have purchase lite or premium version.
Hello, thanks for this nice layout

As it is not possible to use different sliders on different pages i use my own module in position ”slider”. My slides have a size of 1000px x 300px. Where can I change the high of the black row (row2)? In my browser it is 500px wich fits well with the build in slider with 350px but looks not so nice with 300px. So i want to change it to 450px, so that the slide overlap the black row. I´ve searched all the *.css but couldn´t find anything. Please help me
Thx Stefan
You have to change it in the slider.css file, it can be found in: as002022/slider/css folder.
The slider is not visible on home page since I have installed the update! It works if I set the property 'Show slider' to 'on all pages'. I have one featured article on home page. I don't have published another module in position 'slider'.
Please check if the home page is defined as Home in Menu Manager: Menu Items, otherwise, please contact us using Contact Us page and provide with access to the Joomla admin center.

Is there an Image Caption class for Category Item or do I need to create one? What is the recommended approach to avoid overriding of my classes when future template updates are applied?

Our templates are not using any image classes.
Should i just add the classes i need to your index.php?
What happens then when you release an update?
Sorry, that is your responsibility, please see our Terms of Use for more info, paragraphs 10 and 11.
Please let me explain myself. I am not looking to hold you accountable or responsible but simply looking for your technical advice based on your experience.

Obviously I can go ahead and add some classes to the main CSS but I was hoping you can provide some good advice as to what would be the best practice so when you release an update to the template I can minimize the issues that may be caused.

Please try looking at this as a collaboration rather than a provocation.


In few days coming a new Joomla version, we don't know which changes will be done in the new version, as well , we don't know which changes should be done in our templates so they will be fully compatible with Joomla! 2.5.
In your case, we suggest to create a new css file and include it our template.
Front Page Blog Layout is used to show all Articles that have been published to the Front Page, in a Blog Layout. My parameters are
but it shows still 1 leading article and 3 of them are in 3 columns. How do I get my 4 articles among each other?
Please contact us using the following page:
and provide with access to the Joomla admin center, we have to check this issue.
Someone asked earlier:
»However whenever I test the home page I get a pop-up saying ”Designed by AS ....”
Can I disable this in the free version?«

You answered:
»That is because you deleted our copyright in the footer, we are not allow to do this, please read our Terms of use, in case to delete it you have purchase lite or premium version.«

I got the same problem, but immediately after the installation. I didn't delete anything. The pop-up appeared right after the installation when using ”View site”.

I would love to use any copyright in the footer if it only was available when installing.
We found the problem and fixed it, please download it reinstall, sorry for that.
Hello I have the following Problem with position-1 / Header row2:

Every Time when I try to create a Main Buttons they where shown not in the Position horizontally like in your example but vertical. How can I Change this, I havent foun any setting.

My System is Jommla 1.7 (newest version)

Please help.
The code example you can find on the following page:
Please see module position-3 configuration.
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