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Hello exelanmusic,
It is not enough to change folders only, there are a lot of settings you have change in the template parameters, sorry.

Regards, AS Team.
Dear Sirs,

this script

<div class="contactus">
<div class="content">
1 234 567 890 (20)

dont work in custom HTML module in position-52

ico.contactus file is in the right place. I dont find ico.content file.

I need this script in my www site.

How I can solve this problem?

Best Regards,


Hello gytis47,
We are sorry, this template doesn't have ico.contactus or ico.content files.
We checked your site, as we see, you successfully published the following code in the module position 52, it works.

<div class="contactus">
<div class="content">1 234 567 890 (20)</div>

Regards, AS Team.
The readmore-button ("weiterlesen" in german) has changed layout after installing jcommends or joomgallery - I dont know.

Can you tell me how I can bring back this button to original AS002022 design?

Thanks in advanced!
Hello Lucella,
We checked your site, it looks good, have you managed to resolve this issue?

Regards, AS Team.
Hi there,
I'm about to buy this template but I have a few questions upfront:

- Is this template compatible for mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad?
- Is is possible to change the color of the menu buttons without changing the color panel? (i.e. purple menu buttons in a black color style?)

Hello equuscom,
1. Yes, it is compatible for mobile devices.
2. Template doesn't have such parameter, but you can do it by yourself in the template.css file.

Regards, AS Team.

sorry, but I did not manage to resolve this issue.

In the original template (i.e. the readmore-button ist a black box. and firebug shows "<div class="readmore">" when moving over readmore-button.

On my site the Readmore-button ("Weiterlesen") in not a box and firebug shows "<div class="jcomments-links">". I think, this is the reason, but I have no idea how I can change it back to original.

And the layout changed after installing joomgallery (and jcommmends).

I tried also to reinstall template, but I could neither install nor deleate template. Joomla said: "The last stile of a Template cannot deleated."

Best Regards, Lucella
Hello Lucella,
Can you please let us know the exact page where do you have a problem and the page how it looks on our demo site.

Regards, AS Team.

Problem-page: (Home - below) - Button "Weiterlesen"

Your Page: (middle) Button "Read More"

Best Regards, Lucella
Hello Lucella,
Yes, you are right, that is because jcomments component overwrites css, actually, the read more button should looks like on this page, see Professionals and Beginners:

Try to uninstall the jcomments component.
The template you have uninstall from Extension Manager->Manage

Regards, AS Team
Hello AS-Support-Team,

thanks a lot. That was it! :-)
Uninstalling JComments and reinstalling the template was the solution.

Best regards, Lucella
Hi guys,
I still have the same problem. It's two months now :( If I google my page, I see 'AS-templates' as my site name. I'm not sure if it's google's re-indexing issue. Could you let me know how to resolve this issue?


AUXDESIGN - POSTED 2012-04-18 - View History
Hi, quick one guys, When I google my page I see 'AS Templates' as a page name. Could you let me know how to change it, please. Thanks.

Hello auxdesign
It may take some time for Google to crawl and re-index you site, usually it takes 2-4 weeks.

Regards, AS Team.

Can you please check the site name in Joomla admin panel?
Please login to Joomla admin panel, and go to Site -> Global Configuration.
We checked your site html code, there is nothing point to AS Teamplates.
Probably Google not re-indexed it yet.

Regards, AS Team
I'm trying to create a new colloe-scheme for this template, but the footer and the background of position-4 won't change.

Does somebody know what I'm doing wrong?
Hello DUSICA1,
We chacked on your site and looks like you have managed to change the color scheme, if you still have any problems please let us know.

Regards, AS Team.

After several tests, I just noticed that the extension Widgetkit Ver1.0, it conflicts with Template - 002022.
If I enable the plugin Widgetkit, the picture elements do not appear in the AS Templates - 002,022, while in the templates provided by default with joomla (Beez_20, etc..) It works ...

Y is there a way to make it up correctly in my templates - 002,022?

Thanking you,

Please provide us with an URL, we would like to see the problem.

Regards, AS Team.
I work in local ... what can I do?
Thank you for interest in my problem.
Sorry. we can't help you in this case, we have to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
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