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Thank you for the quick answer.
When I posted my question, I'd already made slide2.jpg and slide3.jpg of the same image.

Unfortunate, in IE9 everything looks alright (for a change), because the 'fading' has a white look. But in Firefox the fading has a greyish color, like a lightbox-kinda-thing, while the image-changing makes little 'flashes', and it looked that way even before I've changed the images. Please take a look at: using Firefox.
Hi Lockerbie,
We looked on your site, it is OK on all browsers.

Regards, AS Team.
No, I'm sorry, but it's not OK. Firefox keeps fading in the images from black. A short search learned that it's probably a bug in FF10, see:

In Firebug I tried putting a 'background-color: white' to the images, and that helped. Now figuring out where to put this in your script, but perhaps I'll put it with the css for 'li'...
Hi Lockerbie,
Looks like there is some bug with showing transparency images in jQuery.
We don't see this problem on our browsers, your slider looks perfect, what we can suggest you is replace png images with jpg, or gif.

Regards, AS Team.
I've got the same issue. It was fine when working with J1.7.3 but then I updated to J2.5.4 and noticed the grey square box appearing around the image. I tried to change the image format both jpg and gif. Did not work. When using IE works fine, but in FF - does not view well. I've simply disabled the image for now. If anyone comes up with a solution - please post. Thanks.
In File Manager, Images, Image Slider I tried uploading in png format and images showed up as white space on the website. Inside File Manager - Images, Image Slider, double clicked on slide1.png and renamed to slide1.jpg, slide2.jpg, etc. and it now WORKS (without grey transparent box over image as it rotates). Had to clear out my cache a few times as well.
Hello PRTJoomla,
Thank You for that info, as we understood, your suggestion is replace the images in the slider from .png to .jpg?

Regards, AS Team.

i want to put the main menu in position 1 in the top, but sub menu goes below the image, and not working properly
Hello marielaure,
The free version is not designed for the submenus, sorry.

Regards, AS Team.
I pay for ypur template for have the sub menu but it don't work.
i want to put the main menu in position 1 in the top, but sub menu don't working properly.

The sub menu is always visible and do not work properly. I want the sub menu drops down when you move your mouse on the menu.

Ha ve you got a solution please.
Hello marielaure,
Can you please provide us with an URL? We would like to see this issue.
As well, will be nice if you contact us through the 'Contact Us' page and give as permissions to enter in Joomla admin panel.

Regards, As Team.
Hi, I just purchased this, uninstalled the free version and installed the new downloaded version from my account. It now pops up an alert "designed by" box on every page load. What do I need to change as I can't see any options in the template editor and this is unexpected.

BTW I like your stuff.

Regards Pete

Seems to be fine now. At some stage it stopped doing it.


hi, just bought this template.
After installed, I can't see Module3-Welcome; Module6-Support; Module8-Disclaimer. I understand they are your specific information. The question is how can I set-up mu information in that location.
This will be my very first Joomla! site, so I aplologise for silly question :(
Please ignore my previous question, I've found the way to set them up now :)

I have recently upgrade the Joomla to 2.5 and enabled the recaptcha, the problem is the recaptcha image is overlapping Register button for the form, tried the various browser and all had the same issue.

Second question is how to I stop the rotation of image on the header.

Hello alfa3276,
Today we released an update for the premium and free versions, you are welcome download it and test.

Regards, AS Team.
To emekaagbaka - You can resize the slider images if you have php knowledges. From index.php file.
I buy the full version and try to add an menu. Everithing is ok except the menu layout ..I have some vertical lines on each menu and is very annoying. You can check this at

Hello OVIMZ83,
Can you please provide us with an URL? We would like to see the problem.
Do you see it in our demo template preview?

Regards, AS Team.
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