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I have several joomla sites in their own directories working fine. Your solution would require a separate hosting account for every site. is pointed at the subdirectory level. I know there is a way to make it work.

I just need to find it.

moving all my files into the root directory is not feasible.

thanks anyway :-)
I have found a couple other AS templates that have items that I like. Is it possible to upgrade my license to the AS Designing Templates Club and pay the difference between that and my extended license?

By the way. My previous issue was solved by my hosting company. There were some lines of code in the .HTACCESS file that caused the problem. They had put them there to fix another site that I no longer use.
Hello EASHES01,
For your license upgrade please contact us using the following page:

Please let us know the club are you interested in?

Regards, AS Team.
What is the best way to add a Facebook picture to my site?
I need to create a landing page without any headers - or logo.
Logo is not a module I can leave off in this template.
Can you tell me easiest way to leave logo off of page
Hello EASHES01,
You can do it by editing the template's index.php file, see lines 140-153.

Regards, AS Team.
I downloaded the free version of the template and worked with it locally, after migrating to a live server the site does no longer work with this template, is it because of the license? Or something about the migration? I used Akeeba Backup for the migration
We are sorry, we do not know what is the issue, it doesn't matter what license you have, free or premium.

Regards, AS Team.
It may be stupid question but I have my joomla site in a "sub-site", example:
My joomla site is supposed to open in "test" and in there is a different site entirely, could this be the reason?

Thanks in advance
We are sorry, our support is available for the premium version only.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello Support,

I can't install quickstart template.
It's not finished. It remains hanging.
The quickstart template without sample data works.
What can I do?

Best regards,

The sample data in this template is very big, as result it requires some resources, try to increase memory_limit and max_execution_time parameters on your server to 512, hope it will help you.

Regards, AS Team.
Yes, it works.
Thank you!
Hello Support,
how can I change the footer logo?
If I changed in template footer layout under "footer logo", I can't show it in frontend, only the company name. But I don't need a company name, only the logo.
"Show footer logo" is "show, I cleared the cache and Tmp folder, but it does'nt work.
Do you have an idea?
It works in template 2097, but not in 2101.
The footer logo is your Site name which you can change in your Joomla admin panel -> Global Configurations page under Site Settings tab

Regards, AS Team.
Yes of course, I know.
But there is an option in your admin template settings for choose a logo picture. The same option exist in your template 2097, there works. In template 2101 does'nt works.
I don't need an other Site name, I want to show an footer Logo.

Best regards,

This template is different, it doesn't have such option, we will add it in the next template version.

Regards, AS Team.
the scrolling isn´t work in google chrome... do you know why? works fine in IE8
I miss the "Template Module Positions" and "Modules Configuration" in the How to.
okay, how long can this take?
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