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I sent you a msg on May 27 about an alignment issue with the new template. Did you get that msg?

May 27: Hello. I did a test and was able to proceed to the checkout, however, the left margin of the form is getting cut off. Is there a way to fix that?
Hello. Still waiting for a reply from Jun 3, 2019. Please check our website The chechout page has styling problems. Left margin is cut off.

Thank you
After having issues with the style not aligning properly in the checkout page, we did a fresh install of the latest update (May 23) and the checkout is not working at all now. Can we get this fixed please?

Thank you
I purchased this template 9 months ago. My personal developer, and AS Templates reseller, Dallas Carr has had a horrible time trying to get my website up and running due to poor communication and complications. We've waited literally months for a response to service problems. This is unacceptable. Please fix this problem before an entire year from purchase is up and I have absolutely nothing. Thank you. Holly Myers.
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PT Summer V2
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