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Does the paid template include the prpose animated background?
Thanks for prompt reply - have bought the template
1. Where do I change the text on home page eg IT TECHNOLOGIES
Experts at managing and suppoting IT operations. (spelling error in suppoting)
2 I use many templates from one company, who show where positions can be, so I may be spoiled by them :-)
Where is social position - my link does not show, position does not show.

My thanks
Hi, this package fails to install, it says Can't find XML setup file...
Help please!
Hi, What is the background you get in the pro version actually called, im guessing it is not your standard animated background as it responds to your mouse movement.

This template works on Joomla 3.7.1 and php 5.6.3 ? Thanks

Is this theme available on wordpress , I love the look and feel of this website .Job well done .


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