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I would be interested to get this template. Before buying I'd like to make sure that it works on servers where php 7.x is running.
Can you confirm?
Thanks in advance
i downloaded the template, but some the index page is not coming as clear and organized as the one in the template
Sorry for taking this long,
I think i figured out what i was looking for, i was looking for a quick-start of the JD medical with the sample data in it.

maybe you could help me with that.

Hi, This is Roland Hartl from Germany,
i would like to use the template: JD MEDICAL

i started a membership on March 19 and paid for it,
now by trying to download this template i did not find any download button, only for a free version, why.

How can i get this template? Am I only limited on templates from a specific author and not from JoomDev?

Please inform me soon, Roland
Hello BRUNO1501,
We are sorry, the item is not included in the AS Designing - Starter Club membership, or included items you can preview here:

Regards, AS Team.
in the past i installed lots of quickstart joomla templates but with this template (JD Medical) i had problems last evening. Installation was done in a rootfolder called "neu" .... complete installation performed well, but the finalization last step was not been done ... it returns always to the last step before ... webspace setup is all ok, server also, please answer soon, i must do installation this weekend .... if you like i can provide all necessary setup datas like dbname, user, pw and so on (but not free readable here) ...
thanks, Roland Hartl
This is Roland once more again. Within the template there is the SP Page Builder Pro includeed, but i cannot update it because of missing licence number, where is licence number to be found? The also included smart slider is the free version this i could update from free licence account of developers site.....

Why is that so complicated with PageBuilder 8and not encluded in the informations....

Thanks for quick answer, roland
refering post from 2019-05-03: problem solved, new unpacking, new install, all works fine, but page builder licence code missing for update...
Hi, this is Roland..
i do have a problem with content made by standard editor within template JD Medical....
there is always in the beginning of text a green icon (green sqare with white pin inside), maybe that it comes from blog post-format...
class="fa fa-comment-o"

i do not like this within my layout, and i do not want to work with blogs....(also K2 is not necessary) and page builder i did not like to use, but i think i must use it still for the home entrance side....

how can i remove this "pin icon"? Thanks
Hi, I've just bought this template with Regular licence with information it should included SP Page Builder. But in the there is only zip with Smart Slider 3 Pro and no SP Page Builder Pro.

Could you help me please?
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