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Hello there
I hope that all of you are well.

I have now configured the new template and still have a few problems.
First there is the view of the mobile version...The website looks strange on the smartphone (apart from our photos ;-) ). The font sizes of the headings should definitely be smaller for the mobile version. With the large headlines, you can't read everything on your smartphone.
Can I somehow set this separately?

And second there are the icons at the demo page "Services". If I want to change them from icon into small photos for each service the picture and the text are not both in center position but shifted. How can I correct this?

I thank you in advance for tyour support and send my best regards,
thanks for your response..

The configuration of the font size is done. No problems anymore. Thanks!

But changing the icon on the "Services" page still works not right.
To take a look what exactelky the problem is... here the link to our site:
I changed the first icon into a small picture and like the first time I set the content alignment in the blurb options to "center".
Now the picture is displayed left but the text is displayed in center position as I understand.

Can you tell me where or how to configure the picture setting so both parts (picture and text) are displayed even / in the same position..?

Thanks for your help and all the best to you all,
Nanny McFee
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AT Halloween
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