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Hello Engine Templates,
2 questions.
1 - At every section is at the top a little picture called 'header-title'. If i make a new section this picture is always there. It is not a class. I like too choose at a section to use (display at frontend) it or not.
2 - There is a new version 2.0.0; Can you please tell me which files are updated? How i can get those files? I can not install the whole jpa file of course.
Thanks in advantage.
Best regards,
1. I don't understand. Where can i find and edit that specific module and/or template setting? In the case i make a new section in Quix, that file is automatically appearing. I want to decide if i will displaying the header-title.png in that section.
2. I don't know how to do that.
In case of #1. Sorry, that's not what i mean. I know how to work with module settings. What i mean; It is a Quix issue. If i make in Quix in a random existing page a new section with a random element at the top of that section in the frontend appears automatically a picture. It is the picture with the 3 vertically lines in grey. Is is in the quick start package. the same as in your demo preview. That picture (named header-title.png) is in /templates/etwevo/images/header-title.png.
I want to choose yes or no if i will to display that picture in the frontend in a Quix section.
#2. I have the new template. It is a .jpa file from akeeba kickstart. The question is, how to install it.
Is it not much easier to give me only the modified (php and css) files that I will place with ftp instead of the existing ones?
Thanks in forward for all.
Regards, Grafiek
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