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Having now finally completed our new website using this template structure, I've one element I'm still a bit stuck on - can you clarify what I need to do to make size changes to the blue background portion of the top menu bar i.e. do I need to use CSS to make that bar deeper than it is (currently when you scroll down the page, the logo text is hanging over the page by a fraction & just looks messy) or is that element held elsewhere in the template structure?

Thanks SO much for that help - now have another little thing I'd like to find a solution to if possible as I presume I've done something somewhere to the original template settings to lose it.

Basically - the Off Canvas menu only shows the full menu items on the Home Page. Once you navigate to other pages, the OC menu only shows the Search facility, and so users are left having to use their Back button to get to the Home page menu again. I've gone through the template settings but can't see where I could have removed the proper layout.

PS - the site's now live in the root folder.

Thanks :)
Ahh I didn't realise that - brilliant. Thanks again for your patience with me on these issues. Much appreciated. :)
Back again :) . With Joomla continuing to update its platform, I just now need to know how to ensure that those elements you bundle with your template are updated in advance of J4 especially. When I've asked Unite or Quix they've always said that I should be able to get updates from you, but I've not seen anywhere I can do that and the pre-checker for J4 states that these need updated before I upgrade the platform.

Can you clarify the situation please?

Many thanks
Romayne :)
Ahh that's brilliant - will you advise users when those are available or will it be up to us to come & look for them later in the year? So grateful you;'re able to keep up with J4 as I'd hate to have to lose the template having just installed it a year ago :). Many thanks for ALL your hard work!!
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