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I have bought "AT Elearning - Extended License" joomla template and when I want to install the quick start package, after extracting the jpa file with the kickstart, the index file inside the installation folder is empty and so I cannot install the quick start.

it seems the quick start package is fake!!
I go all steps until the
Step 2: Run the Installer
After extracted files, you just click to button ‘Run the Installer’ to go to the next step.

after that I go to

but i see the blank page.

I went to Cpanel and checked the file

that file is blank too.

it means the file that you gave us has problem and the installation index is empty.
the download link is broken.
I have bought the license and I cannot download the template.
We are sorry about that, the issue is fixed, please try now.

Regards, AS Team.
I just bought and downloaded the Extended license for the AT Elearning template.
After dowloading it I extracted the files and got the " at_elearning_joomla_template_install_package ", the zip file.
The big issue is that when I try to install it from the Joomla installation option (the one you drop the zip file in), it says me that the plug in is installed correctly.
Now, why is it recognizing it as a plug in and not as a template?
Also, it isn't showing up in the plug ins neither!
Obviously it isn't showing up in the template list, so I can't use it.

I'm currenly using the free version of the same template, ATlearning, may be that the issue is that I have the free version installed?
Of course I can't delete all my previous site!
You are telling me that you sold me a template that cannot be installed by the Joomla installer like every other template?
The only way to install this template is to srestart from zero???
I have a site with existing data and, as I said in my first comment, when I try to install the template package via the install function, it recognizes it as a plug in, not as a template, and does not give me any option to set this template as default! This is the issue!
Hello AgeThemes,
Is it possible to have the update of this extension: OSG Seminar Manager?
Best wishes
Hello Agethemes,
Is there a doc that list and explain the differents class of style used in the template?
Wish you a beautiful day
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AT Elearning
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Joomla 4 Product
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Extended License

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