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The Licensed and Premium AS Template 002031 has been updated with bug fixes for incorrect showing of company logo and slider.

To update your template, either download the latest template package and replace your template, or if you have made customizations, a listing of the changed and added files is listed below:

Changed Files (licensed template):


Changed Files (licensed template):


No updates for free template.
Template update released.
We have fixed an issue with showing menu in the left and right columns in the module positions 40 and 45.
Released a new version 2.1.0 for the lite and premium templates.
Fixed an issue with showing a slider on the home page.

Updated files: index.php, params.php and templateDetails.xml
Released an update for the AS Premium template 002031, version 2.1.1.

1. Fixed an issue with showing the slider on the default multilingual home pages.
2. jQuery library updated to the latest 1.7.1 version.

Updated files:

Hello astemDesign3
The best way is upload the updated files using your FTP, in the version 2.2.1 we updated 2 files only:


Regards, AS Team.
Released an update for the premium template 002031, version 3.0.0.

Added header, content anf footer link parameters.

Updated files:


Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS templates!

Thank you for nice template for joomla AS Designing - Joomla! 1.7 - i use it for my moms company - i'm quite new to joomla also templates, but it seems very nice CMS.
However I have a question how to add some of the elements (fx the part you have in position-2) and position-53. What kind of ellements are they? I mostly just add articels and selec the position by adding modules like articelcategory.

Thanks and regards
All these information you can find on template's How To -[ll these information you can find on template's How To -] Modules Configuration page:
Really nice template, but I cant change anything ( no parameters menu at all ) in the template manager..only the advice ”

”AS Template 002031 - Joomla! 1.7 Free Template
This template is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.....

No column at the right for changing logo etc...
Sorry, the free template doesn't contain any parameters.
I have problems with the built-in jQuery dropdown menu. It does not work. Only if I will even click on the menu it appears to me. A bug?

PS: I bought the template before 5 days, unfortunately, today was the Premium Version Released ... which I would prefer ...
Can you please provide us with an URL? We would like to check this issue.
You can make an upgrade, please contact us by email.
Great template!
I purchased the premium.

I am replacing the slideshow with flash content that is not as wide as the position 3 container. How can I get the position 3 to wrap my module and push it to the right edge of the page?

Try to make changes in slider.css file which can be found in:
thanks, adjustments to slider.css helped. What about slideshow.css? not used?

sorry for ?'s, joomla noob in the house!

issues im having.

1)I am unable to clear the logo background image. When clear is clicked the field clears but upon save the field repopulates.
2)Can positions be used for any purpose? I want to place a statement in the breadcrumbs load position. I made a custom html module containing the text but it will not display in breadcrumbload.

is there an email address that would be better for questions instead of filling this thread?

You don't need to make any changes in slideshow.
1) We will add additional parameter in the template config options, you can point it on file like this one:
just copy it in the joomla images folder and then point on it.
2) Positions can be used for any purposes, probably you will need to make some changes in css files.
3) You can contact us using 'Contact Us' page.
Hi am having problems while installing the template, an errors displays that
Could not find a Joomla! XML setup file in the package. Could you help me with this please.

Thanks and regards
We checked it, no any problems with installation.
Probably you received broken package during downloading, please try to download it one more time.
Unfortunately it still don't get install.. I tried other templates and it works but i prefer this one please help me..
Can you please check if you have in downloaded zip file templateDetails.xml?
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