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Yes its inside the folder..
Very strange, please provide us with an access to your Joomla admin center, please do it by email or using contact us page.

I was having issues with the slidenews wrapping text, added ”white-space:nowrap” to fix issue.

how do i speed up the slidenews?

how do i change logo image when not displaying slideshow? Slideshow will be homepage only but I need a smaller logo displayed in ”halfheader”.

We don't have a speed parameter as template parameter, but you can do it by changing scrollamount in the index.php file from 2 to 3 or higher.
Regarding the logo it should be developed, if you are interested in our services please contact us by email.
Logo is already developed, all I need is the PHP logic to switch them out when the slideshow is not shown.

I find the AStemplates use quite a bit of php logic in comparison to other joomla templates available. Heavy commenting on purchased templates would be appreciated so the average user with a bit of coding experience could add or subtract parameters or un-comment sections to modify the templates instead of being told the template can be modified for $40hr.

support is a relative term only defined by the end users experience.

Could you tel us please, what is a price for templates with heavy commenting and a lot of php logic on other sites?
Hello tnx for themplate

I have question about free verstion. Is top menu working with submenus? It dont display submenus when i go with mouse over the menu.

Tnx for ansfer
Sorry, it doesn't work in free version.
I put a personnalize area in position 16 / 17 / 18 & 19 but the title in note half colored and i can't put a ”read more” button.

How can I do?
Please see template documentation on the following page:
How can I delete the ”Home” like ”Accueil” on my webpage from the front page?

Under position 21 etc ...
Delete menu module from position 21 or create a new one without 'Home'.
It's a problem with the mainmenu ”Home” link who create a news place. But impossible to link directly with the frontpage...

Another problem, when I try to make a slide menu, I need to click on the main category to have the slide effet on other subfolders. Don't really understand how to.
Please refer to the template documentation, you will find there everything what do you need:
I'd like to use a smaller font(10pt) and font familiy when displaying in positions 16,17,18,20,21,22 on the homepage but have the page display (12pt) and another font family when showing the full page after clicking ”readmore”

Sorry, the smallest available size is 11px, as well, 9 font styles. Please see template parameters for all options.
ok, 11pt on home page in 16,17,18,20,21,22, then the next largest font on the actual page that the readmore links to
It should be developed, there are no such options.
You are writing:
Sorry, the free template doesn't contain any parameters.

Paying the 12 USD will solve this? Then all parameters etc will be available?
Please see template's parameter page for all available parameters in lite and premium versions:
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