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Hello KEKA289,
In this template the company logo is an image, but you can put your companyname as a text using the Template Parameters -> Header Configuration Parameters -> Company Logo Bar -> Logo Type.

Regards, AS Team.
Could you tell me please - if there any opportunity of no including of css styles in the pages. There are plenty of them (css styles) and it seems like my pages are working quite slowly.. Could I have all css in separate files?
Thank you in advance!
There is no such option, sorry.

Regards, AS Team.
I bought this template , but when I try to install this template don't install and a error appear. (no load files in joomla!). And I obeyed the instructions and installed the T3 framework before in Manual (pdf). Help me please!
Hello ILDEFONSO1953,
Sorry, this template doesn't have T3 framework.

Regards, AS Team.

we bought your template. Looks good so far, I am still in the process of tailoring it to our page. So far 2 problems:

1 - I can not get Slider module to work (for logo display), it just stays empty. If i point it to an image folder that doesnt exist, it will say no images. But as soon as I point it to any real image folder it just stays empty and doesnt display anything, regardless of image size, type, etc.

2 - I like the footer design. However when I try to make it work like you did. it spans through the entire screen. See this image.

Thank you.
We have to see your site, please provide us with the URL.

Regards, AS Team.

in the meantime I got the scroller to work (my mistake i was refering to the slider earlier). It seems like it only works in position 6. Thats okay.

Our site:

I like the way you made the footer on the demo page. We might use some of those ideas, but probably not every single module. Perhaps just the contact, social and what people say about us. In any case, we want them to be centered, not far left and far right.

You have some article or extension with missed </div> closing tag, our suggestion is disable one by one all extensions/articles in case to find the problematic one.

Regards, AS Team.

thanks but I tried disabling every single module/extension on the page and for example even the Joomla provided Copyright text in the footer will still be at the very right of the page.

I have not touched any css files, so they are exactly the same as original.

Could we perhaps somehow tell it to override the css and compress everything in the footer towards middle and give it left and right boundary the same as the page content?

Thanks for the help so far.
Did you try to disable the shop component?
Please provide us with an access to the Joomla admin panel, we would like to check this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
In the tmpl.footer.css file please find #footer .row2 .content class and add width style as shown below:

#footer .row2 .content {
margin: 0 auto;
overflow: hidden;
padding: 0 0 50px;
width: 1100px;

Regards, AS Team.
Could you please send me the vector files of the image folder (buttons, images, etc.) I want to change colors of some of them. Thanks JT

We are sorry, you have not purchased this item, we can't provide you with necessary files.

Regards, AS Team.
I have just purchased & installed Industry, using Quickstart. I want to keep the default colour option but change the contrast colour from red to blue. I have managed to do this for most things can't find the bullet icon used in the menu items. Would you direct me please?

Many thanks.
Can you please provide us with the page URL where do you have this problem?

Regards, AS Team.
Another couple of queries on customisation - I'm, new to 2.5 & struggling without an 'apply' option - how do I return a template setting back to it's original default if I don't like an override?

Also - I'd like to dim down the white background just a tad - where is the param for that?

Many thanks for your support - first time I've used a template with custom sample data - sound idea!
The bullets are list style images, which can be found in the template images folder, please see styles, and can be edited in the PSD file included in the downloading package.

Sorry, this template doesn't have restore button, to default setting you can put colors only by deleting the hex code.

Quite not understood your question regarding:
"I'd like to dim down the white background just a tad - where is the param for that?", what do you mean please.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi - great, bullets now solved, many thanks .

I'm used to accessing & editing CSS & template files from the admin back end in Joomla's template manager, so I was confused not to find access there. I've now found them in the download files via file manager, so will play with editing and upload via cPanel.

Re: "I'd like to dim down the white background" - Sorry to confuse you - I want to change the overall template background colour to very light grey instead of white. I have found the override but it only changes the bottom half. Now that I have found the CSS code files I may be able to do it - I will come back to you if not.

Many thanks
Thank You for noticing about the issue with the background color. Yes, there is a problem with the background image. We will fix it during 24 hours and upload on the server.

Regards, AS Team.
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