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Have you checked the template documentation?

Regards, AS Team.
thank you for your fast response. every think is well working now :-)
AS Team...
Thanks for the fast respond... Perfect now! So easy that i did not see that!!
Hello there, how do you get the block quote in position-60 to scroll in the footer? Also how do get the :"read more" button in position-13 module?

In the footer we have AS MooSlider. Our suggestion, if you would like to have the template looks exact like on our demo preview page, install the template using the quick-start installation package:

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for the reply, but, I cant seem to see an option to add text in mooslider, only images and caption, do I use the caption area for the text? and do i add the block quote code as-well to get it looking like the template, also, can I use joomla to install the "get started package" or do I have to ftp to my host server. thanks AS Team.
For the text you have to use the caption area, blockquotes as background image.
The detailed info regarding installing the quick-start package you can find on the following page:

Or please see our video tutorial:

Regards, AS Team.

OK captions working, you say use quotation marks as background image which I have done. The image centers itself in the slide, how do i get it to top left and bottom right of slide, thanks again. :-)
We have to see this issue, please provide us with the page URL where do you have published the slider.
With the quick-start package you will not have such problems.

Regards, AS Team.
i buyed the 002031 template and i want to use it on Aruba, but my intention is to make an bilingual site in italian and romanian languages. Could you gently help me to do it? I am not an expert, indeed I am a beginner. I tried to install JoomlaFish but retun me an error. Someone can help me, please ?

We are sorry, it is not related to the template, we suggest you read the following article, hope it will help you:

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks, I'll try use yor link for my implementation. The infos on the your link sems could help me for that. Thank you again.
Best Regards,


I am having difficulty getting my footers to go across the bottom. I have custom HTML in positions 50, 51, 52. As you can see now on - module 51(says Home, about, contact, etc with bullet points, matching module 52 which you can see) is no where to be found. I tried to put the modules along the second row in the footer, pos-60 thru pos - 62 and they then stack on top of one another all on the left side.

Yes all three modules are "published".

Please tell me what I am missing. Thanks!
In the Template Parameters you have to change the 'Extend Column 1 to Column 2' parameter to 'not extend', the parameter you can find in the Footer Configuration Parameters -> Footer Row 2 Custom Modules panel.

Regards, AS Team.
Fantastic! Thank you!
Installation Problem

After uploading to my site and after unzipping it, the installation routine is not working. Instead of starting with Step 1: Language, the installer jumps straight to Step 7: Finish
Do you have any suggestions?
I am hosting my site on Godaddy
Have you Joomla installed on your server before?
Please be sure you fully uninstalled/deleted all files and sql tables from the old version.

Regards, AS Team.
Yes, Joomla was installed before. Are you saying I should upload/unzip quickstart into an empty directory with no Joomla files at all?
Yes, also please check that you have deleted all sql tables.

Regards, AS Team.

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