Hello Support team,

I have a problem with Art Slider and JCH Optimize in my/this template. Samuel (from JCH Optimize) tested some days and he suggests following solution. Perhaps it is possible for you to help me in this case:

"It seems like the only reliable way to resolve this is to keep the Optimize CSS Delivery feature disabled unfortunately. This is because the slider uses javascript to render and to even set the height of that section. When you use javascript to perform some of the initial render to sections of the page above the fold it tends to conflict with the Optimize CSS Delivery feature. It's as if the javascript doesn't get to kick in at the correct time to render the slider section so the sections below rides up to fill the space.

Ideally the slide should use CSS to render the first slide then use javascript to rotate through the slides when the page is fully loaded. That's the best way to implement sliders so they can be optimized properly by deferring or loading the javascript asynchronously and optimize the CSS delivery without affecting the functionality of the page."

If necessary I can sent you link to see yourself what happens if JCH Optimize ist enabled.

Warm regards Bernhard