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You have too big logo image, we think you have to make it little bit smaller.
Please check the the item preview page:
The slider on your site works exact in the same way, the slider is not available only on vertical preview.

Regards, AS Team.

Please show me which sections of your files I need to edit in order to do the following: edit the Subscribe to Newsletter form.

I would prefer not to change the size of the logo for desktop. Is there a way I could provide a mobile version and the template pull that mobile version when viewed on a mobile device? I know there is code to do just that.

You originally wrote me "The slider is not suppose to work on mobile devices with small resolution, please see our demo preview page." Now you tell me it will work on "vertical preview". I am telling you that the slider on my iPhone 5 viewing in Chrome with the latest iOS and Chrome does not show the slider on vertical view (which is fine with me) but does show the slider on horizontal view, but only the images not the text...I would prefer if you could fix this issue, but if you cannot then simply removing the slider from appearing on horizontal view would be ok with me too.


It is not related to the template, you have to make changes in Joomla CMS or in the used extensions. Template is just a graphic user interface which shows all installed extensions, components, plugins, articles in your Joomla admin panel.

There is no such option, it should be developed.

Please check our item preview page, in horizontal view the slider shows images only (no text), in vertical view the slider is not available at all.
If you would like to remove it from the horizontal preview you have to edit media.768.css file by adding the following class:

#slider-row {
display: none !important;

Regards, AS Team.
How do I change the position of the caption text for the slideshow? I would like to place it in bottom right corner.

Unfortunately your site is down, we have to see it in case to help you.

Regards, AS Team.
The site is up. Not sure why it was down. I am working in it now.
You can do it by editing 'as002055/css/ext.artslider.css' file, the following class:

.camera_caption {
display: none;
left: 1px;
position: absolute;
text-align: left;
top: 110px;
width: 30%;

Regards, AS Team.
How would I move the pagination controls (the three circles) from the left bottom to the right bottom? I was able to move the caption. Thanks!
In the same way like the caption by editing the following class:

.camera_pag {
bottom: 20px;
left: 25px;
position: absolute;

Regards, AS Team.
I do not think this issue is related to your template but I am hoping you may know how to solve my problem. The Read More links on the featured articles of the home page do not jump down to the article, rather it refreshes to the top of the home page. How can I create an anchor for the Read More link? The user of the site should not be expected to do they know there is an article below what they can see on the screen, especially when the site refreshes back to the top.
Just create a menu items and point them to your articles, then you will be able to assign or not any modules to your articles.

Regards, AS Team.
I was able to figure out how to do it through creating my own read more link and then creating a new category and articles for the three featured ones. I then added anchor tags to the read more link and new separate articles. Thanks!
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