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Dear AS Team,

My wrapper function doesnt work using your template.

look at this page:

I set witdh 100% and height 500

Can you help me with this wrapper problem ?


We are sorry, for any customization questions please ask for our services:

Regards, AS Team.
Dear team

So if the wrapper does'nt work fine it is a customization (??)

can you please tell me wich item (1 t/m 11) I have to buy, it not a logo, text issue . . . .

1) Changing, replacing any image in the header
With customer's images
$25.00 NO is not my issue

2) Add customer logo, company name and slogan
With customer's logo (transparent background recomended)
$20.00 NO is not my issue

3) Changing logo graphical text
$10.00 NO is not my issue

4) Menu background, color, font customization
HTML menu
$40.00 NO is not my issue

5) Creating a drop-down menu
One level HTML menu
$80.00 NO is not my issue

6) Changing text in a text box
Customer's text
$10.00 NO is not my issue

7) Changing graphical text (headlines)
Per item
$10.00 NO is not my issue

8) Changing template body image (under header)
With customer's image
$10.00 NO is not my issue

9) Inserting customer's content to the template body (text, images, layout)
Per page, customer's image
$50.00 NO is not my issue

10) Changing page layout color scheme without content changes
Per page
$50.00 NO is not my issue

11) Changing color scheme of a separate element
One element
$20.00 NO is not my issue

You are requesting for changes which is not included in the template default version, please contact us using the following page to discuss your requests:

Regards, AS Team.
hello AS team

I used your template already for some years , the AS Template 002060

I do not know for how long but the contactform does'nt appear anymore , it's gone . check:

I try the joomla template Breez for check and the contactform was there.

Also strange is that what I try for the vieuw options tab slide or direct only the tab option is on the frontend while in the breez template the options works fine .

I used this template for some years, I miss a upgrade ? or can you tell me how to fix this problem ?

with kindly regards

Rob - pagefactory -

We are sorry, your license for our support is expired, you may extend it from your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
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