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Hi, This template has an issue with pagination of products. It doesn't work. Please look at to the page .. and try to select category, click to the next page and then try to click to all products etc .. Could you let me know how may I fix it? I am not a programmer. Thanks for quick fix! Petr
On which we can see this issue? Can you please provide us with url?

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, of course,
please go to the page You can see that I have there two categories. "Dorty" and "Dezerty".

When you see category "Show All" you can see that it is there more than 20 products so the pagination appeared.

1. pagination - click to the page number 2
2. category "Dorty" disappeared and link "Show all" doesn't work
That's not correct behavior.

I can not use a categories when wbe page start to use pagination. That's a huge problem for me, because I bought this template hoping that this functionality will work. You have same issue on the demo page as well .. How I know it? I tried clean installation and it is same.

Thanks for help!

The second page does not show the first category because it does not have any items from the first category, as well the 'Show All' link is not working because the second page has items from one category only. The category filter works depends on the items published on the selected page.

Regards, AS Team.

understand, but these conditions doesn't make sense. If a customer wants to see only "Dezerty" then is it impossible. If customer used some filter and wants to go back to all products .. impossible. Try to think how customer will use this page.

When a customer will use a filter then he will automatically lost any idea how to show all products of this web

Sad :-(

The gallery designed to show the nice images moving effect, in case of pagination, especially when you have one category only, your website is losing it and your page looks like regular page. Our suggestion is to put all items on one page.

Regards, AS Team.
thanks for suggestion. I will do that. Have a nice day and thak you for help.

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