great template! I use it on our little public library's website "www.stadtbibliothek-woerth.de".

There's just one problem with editing events (using the JEvents component v. 3.2.4 and Joomla 3.4.0):

I use the "latest events module" on the right position - you can open event details by clicking on it.

Logged-in publishers should see the "edit" button top right (edit.png) to change event details.
This works fine on Firefox (OSX and Windows) and Internet Explorer (only tested on Windows).

But using Safari or Google Chrome with OSX on a MacBook or Safari iOS on an iPad you can't see any "edit" image ...
There's just one tiny white pixel where the "edit" image should be, but you can't click on it.

P.S.: Firefox with OSX on the MacBook works fine, Chrome on a Windows PC doesn't ... :-(

Can you help me?
Thank you.