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Hi....the search button on this page is not working (404) this question may already have been asked.

For some reason I am not able to see my contact on the contact page, and I have the quickstart on another demo server and have set everything similar manner.

I am not sure if there is some conflict, however using the same modules on another site with an AS template and no conflict.

Have deleted the contact and menu item several times with no luck...hope you can advise.
What is your site url please? If you have installed it using quick-start installation package everything should be OK.

Regards, AS Team.
As I said....the quick start is installed on a demo server and I don't want to start over on the site. the url is
Relating to the contact issue...if I rename the folder com_contact to com_contact_old, then the default joomla contact & form work. However it doesn''t look attractive in the template...also I read back a few comments and it seems there are others with the same issue of no contact form showing in this template
We can only suggest to you to compare and set the same settings like in quick-start package, you have to check contacts menu item and contacts page under components.
Or you can ask for our manual server installation service:

Regards, AS Team.
your comment is not helpful at all.....I dont need to buy extra services, I NEED the template that I paid for to work.
As I noted, there were 3 other recent comments related to the same issue...there is a problem from your side.

I have already compared all the settings, and they are set the same.
Just to install it using quick-start installation package and everything will work for you, the manual installation may take a lot of time to get it exact like our demo preview.
If you cannot install it using quick-start package please just compare all settings and parameters as we suggested to you, it is easy but takes time.

Regards, AS Team.
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