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Hello! I need help

I bought the licence for AT_CREAT but I am not able to upload this template because of the upload size of this template file. I am not able to upload it on my server. I was not aware of this problem, there is no description of the size of the template bevor download.
A) Is there a easy solution to overcome this problem and to upload the Template into Joomla ?- How?
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Wich editors are best to use to customize the template. At the moment i use SP page builder pro, but I can only edit some parts of the pages, not the header.
Mercy, it worked
On the HOME page top there is the first Box with three different pictures (Text starting with REVEAL YOUR CHILD'S TALENT...) How can I edit the pictures and Text and the link to readme - I could not find the acces to edit with the SP Pagereader.
The same with the colours of all the boxes (Text and pictures I am able to change)
Thank You
Thank You, it was working :) :)
next questions:
- in this slider, there is a button with the name "readme". I was able to change the color to red :) but I also need to change the Link to a different one, but could not find where and how.

-is there a programm for pictures for Joomla or specific for AT_CREAT? I need to adjust the sizes of several, i.e. my Logo, but do not know how.
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