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Hi, I have installed another language in Joomla which is right to left, After that, there were some changes in the main menu, for example, when clicking on the Iranian flag, the language changes from English to Persian, although there is enough space for the number of menus, one of them comes to the next line at the bottom
Also, by changing the language, the slider goes down and a white cap appears on top of the slider.
Can you please help to solve these problems or describe how to fix them?

Website: ""
Password: Refah@2021
Thanks for your advice.
I did. This put the menu in the right place and corrected it, but now the white cap above the slider appeared in both languages improperly and in a very messy way. What should I do about that? Thanks
Thanks for your reply. because there is no attachment button here, I sent an email to and because I did not know which email was correct. sorry about that
Hi dear.
I have a question.
my website "" pages show a full bleed without edges without the standard borders.
For example, all pages start without an edge -0- and corner. (No white space of sided on all pages)
Could you please advise me on how can I fix this issue?
Thank you
Hello and thank you for your response.
This code that you sent to me is about the Header but the problem is about the content articles. on all articles on the left and right side are no edges and articles start from 0px without any white space. Please check the links below:

1- This code works but not on all pages. For example, it has no effect on the following page:
2- It also takes the slider and header out of standard mode and makes it smaller than their original size
I want the sizes in the template to be standard. Just like what is posted on your website for sample.
Can you please change add the standard codes from the admin panel?
User: refah21
Password: Refah@2021
Thank you
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