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If you want to bring more traffic to your website — and not just any traffic, but visitors who are uniquely attuned to and looking exactly for the services and products that you offer, you can do it here by submitting your website theme. To submit your free templates simply fill out the form on our uploading page, please be sure you provided us with a valid link to the templates demo page, and a link to where we can download the zip file.

We do not guarantee submission and therefore reserve the right to publish or reject any templates that are submitted.

Template Submission Terms

We are accepting free templates from the authors who has at least one premium item published on our marketplace.

If you are not the original developer of a template that you wish to submit, make sure that all template credits are intact.

The template credits are important for copyright - we cannot held responsible for templates that are submitted by 3rd parties who have removed or changed credit information.

If template credits are not present in a template the template will not be published on our website.

The template live previews have to be installed and available on author's web server, the link on the template preview will be setup on the AS Marketplaces Item Details page. As a template designer/developer you must to have your website with your contact info, works and links on the template preview. We are not accepting templates published on free hosting.

When you are submitting a template you agree that we can change content, links and visual elements that are found within the template. You agree to AS removing or changing all excessive external links found in templates other than credit links that are involved with the creation of the specific submitted template, including links to the template developer and associated template sponsors.

When submitting a template to AS you submit it on the premise that the template is your original design or that of your employee and that the design, source code and respective files have not been copied from anyones website. If you are a 3rd party submitting a template then you guarantee with your submission that all files submitted have been thoroughly checked and the original source has been notified that the template has been submitted to this website.

AS cannot and will not be held responsible for templates that are or have been submitted which have been blatently copied from other sites.

We do not publish or accept the following:

  • Table based templates.
  • Template that are clearly from other developers that have had minor changes made to them.
  • Templates that are based upon one design and images have only changed, creating a line or templates that have no changes to the CSS or XHTML.
  • We reserve the right not to publish templates that have been submitted either from 3rd parties or original designers or developers.
  • We will notify original developers of template misuse or copyright infringement where possible.
  • We reserves the right to alter or modify these template submission terms without prior notice.

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