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Is is possible to change the titles of each of the entries on the portfolio page? After you click on an image it opens up for the title, description, but it's the client, budget, skills used I want to change.

There is a problem width the template
when i access the site the is a css file that returns the following error

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of https://www.restauranteapiscina.com/wp-content/themes/lt_donut/style.css?ver=2.0.9 410 (Gone)

and the template does not show some parts

you can see the error at the link: www.restauranteapiscina.com

thanks in advance
Thanks for the reply

i add the ccs in witch file?
The portfolio problem is solved but the stiil is a problem in the footer, is does not load the css correctly

Can you help me

The first part of the footer, where the grid is, before it was not fuly wide

before it had the same width as the content above

the were blank spaces in the left and right sides
Thank you for the reply

I can´t seem to solve the problem, i tried your solution but it did not work

I going to send you the admin login to see if you can help me

It's excellent

Thank you for your help
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