Wordpress theme shortcodes

Shortcode is a powerful content building tool, they have been introduced for creating macros to be use in a posts content.
Please see the following page for more info: http://codex.wordpress.org/Shortcode
  • First please make sure that the editing mode is set to Visual
  • Cick the Shortcode button
  • Select the shortcode you want to insert

The following shortcodes are available for this theme:


  • Recent Posts - for recent posts with a number of settings
  • Popular Posts - for the popular posts
  • Recents Comments - for the recent comments
  • Tags - for the TagClouds

Grid Columns:

  • grid_1
  • grid_2
  • grid_3
  • grid_... - the given shortcodes are used for the 360gs layout framework

Fluid columns:

  • 1/2
  • 1/3
  • 2/3
  • ... - this shortcode is used for the layout framework on the basis of fluid columns


  • Button - the shortcode for the button
  • Drop Cap - to make the first letter in the paragraph an uppercase letter
  • Block Number - for a block number
  • Blockquote - for a quotation
  • Frame - a wrapper for the image or any other object
  • Frame Left - a wrapper for the image or any other object with the left side location
  • Frame Right - a wrapper for the image or any other object with the right side location
  • Box - dark box by default
  • Indent - inner padding for content
  • Lightbox - for creating lightbox effect
  • Horizontal Rule - the horizontal separation line

Alert Boxes:

  • Alert - the Error Box
  • Approved - the Approve Box
  • Attention - the Attention box
  • Notice - the Notice Box

Audio & Video:

  • Audio - insert audio (HTML support)
  • Video - insert video. Youtube, Vimeo files can be embedded, as well as any file located on your server.


  • Shortcode for Tabs


  • Shortcode for toggle-script. With a number of such scripts added you can get an accordion.

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