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i would like to buy this template but one question. Can I change the background main colour of the template into black so that I get a black-white template like the Joomla Knight template ?


I buyed this template but there is no option for changing the color. Plese help me. I dont want to do it in css. I buyed it because you said that it is possible in the admin section. :( Regards.
Hello, it is possible to change some colors in the adminpanel but the backgroung of the whole template I must change in the css.

Another question. How can I use the HERO LAYOUT form starting, without settings in the modules? It should be so like in the example in the PORTFOLIO > HERO LAYOUT.

Hello, I still cant change the darkblue color behind the logo and in the blocks, just in css. It is a very complicated template, for me. I can change all, just not that I need.

Can you send me ore show me where I can find a document with all module positions of the template.

There is no option Logo background under "Buttons, Navs & Badges." :(

that is the real problem.
How can I update it and where should I send the amin pw? here?
I have it now :) please, just one more question: can I fix the NAVIGATION, so that the naigation is alwaus in the fronten if I scroll down?

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