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I find a other problem too....

when i open the website with a mobile phone the scrolling up and down works very bad. it stuttering and is very slow.
Its also by your Demowebsite.

with kind regards..
Hello .. any news about my questions ?

thanks your answers about google fonts

I dont use thirpary modules .. I only use our Template.
So how I can find out whiche of your extensions use google fonts ? Its your template and so you should tell me exactly whiche one it is.... that we can delete or change it. I am only a user of your template.

you have the link to my website.. so for you its easy to find it out.

with kind regards.


I have a question..

We bought this template for our new company website and now it does not work right.
also the support is written that if we buy this template we get a 24/7 support... promt, dedicated and professional... with reply inner a minutes. But now seems its not true.
we wait your answers more then 24 hours... also still nothing is solved. also the template dont work right. especial the mobile version. the loading time of a website with this template is not fine too.

I really want to know now when we can get a ready template which works fine. if this is not possible we want you give us a suggestion how we solve this.. or you offer os a other template.

We really need a professional website for our company and we still cant go on with your template.

with regards.

wrote many times but seems noone is responsible to answer.
this template is not acceptable for us. the support never that what its written and promissed before. soI want back my money. this template and support we dont accept.

I guess again noone want answer.. but I want back my money.

so sorry that we waste so much time with this template but its not worth it.

So send me back my money imediatly !!!
seems no answer is the best way to do nothing!

I deleted the template and use a other one.. then seems your support is nothing worth.

I only have to tell you I feel cheated .. thanks for that.

thanks you answer....
I allready start the website with a other template now.
then I could not longer wait. sorry... then we must also do in in time.

but I have to do a other webstie too.. then I could use your template. But it really should work well .. loading time should be faster.. and it also should work well on mobile phone.
So could you give me and idea when it is renewed ?
then I wanna check it and see if we can go on.

with kind regards
Good morning...

I saw since 3 days your website is down.
also I still wait the renewing of the template.
Monday allready passed

please let me know how you go on.

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