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I want to use the images between the header an the text like your Site.

Unique Design


Text an Read More.

But I don´t know how to config. Can you please help me?

Thank you!
The explanation you can find on the How To page:

Have just installed the premium version and when im editing the template configuration options i can´t save the changes.
Hi could i make top menu items more little¿?¿?
Did you resolve the problem with saving changes?
The menu items you may change by editing css files.

in the General Configuration Parameters for the AS002032 I can change the settings: Link color and Link hover color. What I´m missing is a parameter with which the current selected link in a cascade of menue-links (f.e. in position 12 or 13) will stay marked until the visitor selects a new one (just for a better orientation).

Where do I change this?

Thanx in advance.
All such changes should be done in css files, sorry.
How to remove the slider on any pages??? I want it on Index and some other it possible?
This template doesn't have such option, it should be developed, if you interested in our services please use the form on the following page:

I can´t assign a css class to a table in the main content section.

I believe that we are talking about #colmain in the css file, but there is no such thing as a .moduletable. Is that the reason why I can´t assign a css class?

Looking forward to hearing from you.
The css for .moduletables you can find in the joomla.css file
Thank, that solved the problem, thank you for that quick answer.

And please one last thing: if I add table to the content, all text flows nicely (in the main body - colmain) around the table (depending on the alignement of the table) exept one thing: if I add a list - (unsorted list,..) this doesnt flow - the text (well in the case the list) appears quite down the buttom only when the table is finished, than in the next line.
As this does not appear on other sites I have (with different templates for Joomla) I just wondered if that is an template issue.

I hope you can help me with that problem.

Thank you again.
We think you have to write some css for your table, sorry :(
it is possible to show a submenu in the topmenu? When answer is yes, how to do it? Thanks in advance ;)
Hello, I think I have the same question: submenus don't work (Header Row 2, position-1) I have the premium version. How can I do?
Thank you
Please check if you enabled it, please see the following page step 7:
Hi, i choose the option show on main page only in the slideshow config menu and it doesn´t show in any page. I can only see it if i use all pages configuration. Please support me!
We have released a new version where fixed this issue, please download it from your account.
I tried with your tutorial and with others but submenus still don't work..
Is there any option in Joomla that I haven't try?
Please contact us using Contact Us page and provide with access to the Joomla admin center, we have to check this issue.
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