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Hello Mihnenkova,
Sorry we are not providing with such information, please you refer to the Joomla API documentation.

Regards, AS Team.
if i use single-article, i see athor, published , category,... in the article on the website, even if i disable show author in the article itself. in standard joomla it works but not if i use your template.
regards jj
Hello juergenj100,
You have to disable it in the menu, please see the following article for more info, you need 'Creating Single Article Menu Item' step 6:

Regards, AS Team.
I can not see the template in my list of template administration. I only see the default five templates of Joomla. I have Joomla 2.5.4 I went to instalation and this doesn´t go. I also put the zip file in the directory and unzip but does not work.
Hello Joseramon,
We think you have some problems with Joomla installation, please try to reinstall it.

Regards, AS Team.
sorry but i can't find the arrow in downloaded file. I want to change the arrow pointing from one sub menu to another at the top menu.
I have also another problem. When i click in the search box a yellow rectangle appears.It disappears when i click anywhere outside.
Hello ippoarni,
The image name is mark.parent.png, you have look for it in templates/as002035/images folder.
Regarding the search box, please provide us with an URL, we would like to see it.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello I have reinstalled it but does not work. I go to the file administrator but I don't see any file only the default templates. I load your zip file with the option "Upload Package File". The software is waiting long after that I have the message he is comunicating with and after that the option "Upload Package File" is in blank again and thats all.
¿There are another way to do it?
Hello Joseramo,
Have you reinstalled Joomla? Or just template?

Regards, AS Team.
Hi As Team,
i don't want a featured article cause the article shoul'd not appera at the frontage as you mentioned.
It shoul only appear in a special page. But if i change the articlr options authot etc. permamently appears. This behavoir i don't have with sthe standard joomla template only with yours.
Hello juergenj100,
Sorry, not quite understand your problem, can you please let us know more info?

Regards, AS Team.
Hello I´ve reinstalled Joomla. Also I have load the template to the directory tmp and I tried using the option Install from Directory but doesn´t work and I receive the following message "JInstaller: Install: Cannot find XML setup file. Path does not have a valid package".

Hello Joseramon,
Did you unzip the package before installation?

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team

When I unzip the package I have four zipped packages and one of them is for the template. Must I unzip the four items? Must I unzip every one in one diferent folder?
I see one of them is a photoshop file around 12 mb. If I unzip the template in my PC what is the file unzziped I must select for the section Upload package file?
Perhaps I´m doing something wrong because I know wordpress but not know Joomla.

Thank you very much and Regards
Hello Joseramon,
After you unzipped the downloaded package you have to install the file, you don't need unzip it.

The file you must unzip and upload all images into "images/sampledata/as002035" folder on your server using FTP or Joomla! Media Manager.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team

Wanted to make the website background colorless without successes.

Have a look:

The bottom part of the background is colorless but the top part isn't (the top part of the photo showing borders). How to make the whole website background colorless/white? Regards
Hello byronbian,
Sorry, not quiet understand the problem, do you like to remove the site background pattern (grey to white from the top to the bottom)?
Or, you don't want to see the white background on the top of the article?

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS-Templates,

we would like to use your template no. 002035 for our company's website.
Therefore we were testing the free example of this template.
Before purchasing the full version we have a few questions.

Topmenu - position 1
In your demo preview the top menu has a dropdown menu.
Is it correct that this isn't available in the free version?
I'm asking because this point isn't listed in the parameters section on your homepage
but in the item details (jQuery dropdown).
So, how can we implement this in the full version?

Positions 12 to 14
As we couldn't test this in the free version I would like to know,
if the appearance of everything I place at those positions will
immediately look the way like it does in your demo preview.
Or do I have to program something?

Position 5 - Google ads Banner
In the free version the googleads are placed at position 5
but I found no way to turn it off.
Is this possible in the full version?

In the demo the slider has a different size at the HOME or SERVICES page.
I couldn't see any way of setting this in the listed items at the parameter section on your homepage.

Article Pictures
Is the layout of the article pictures (like at the ABOUT US page) automatically defined in Joomla
or are these pictures designed separately (Border and Shadow)?

Thanks for answering our questions
Best Regards

Hello realway,
1. There is no dropdown menu in the free templates.
2. In this case the template documentation will help you a lot, please see the following article with the source code of these positions :
3. There is no googleads in premium version.
4. The services page doesn't have a slider, there is an image published in module position 'slider'.
5. In the template package is included PSD file with all images and borders, you can use it for your images.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you AS Team now works perfectly.

Best regards
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