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Hello HARDYY9,
1. PSD files include some parts of graphic interface of the template, you must to have some knowledge in Photo Shop in case to use them.
2. Please download the latest version from your AS account and reinstall the extension.

Regards, AS Team.
my Joomla version is 2.5.28, I want to upgrade to Joomla 3.4.1.
In the backend / extensions / templates / AS2035 shows the actual template "AS Template 002035 Premium Version for Joomla! 3.x".
In the extensions manager I can read "Template version 2.0.1"
There is also the Module "AS Accordion Menu V. 2.0.2"

I have purchased the latest version of the template couple of weeks ago.
What is the recommended procedure of updating the template?

- Change standard template AS 002035 in template manager temporarily to a Joomla default like Atomic, and uninstall old version, and then continue upgrading to joomla 3.4.1, as it is said in the Joomla migrating documentary?

-Can I leave the standard template settings with AS 002025, as it shows already "..premium version for Joomla 3.x.." ?
Hello HARDYY9,
We have fully recreated this template starting from version 3.0.0, changed all module positions and files structure, it is moved under Bootstraped Framework. It will not work just by replacing the previous template version, as well it will not work in the same way like the previous template version.

If you will decide to move to the new version you will need to build your existing site from scratch using the quick-start package.

The other option is to delete the old template version, then upgrade your Joomla version to the latest and install the new template version. In this case you will need to install and config all extensions and modules manually. The template module position table you can preview here:

and here all used modules:

Also you can install the quick-start package on some demo server or demo folder and then preview all settings, the quick-start package is actually the template documentation.

Please do not forget about backups.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello support, I installed this template on site and don't see the site li the template that I buyed. The site is online but I can see just an generic main page with a login module. And in the package are present extensions,,, Images and I installed the on the site and the extensions, but I don't know how I must use the, images and psd files. Need support please.

Thank you so much.

It seems you forgot to install the template sample data, please case fully read the template documentation -> Finalization paragraph:

Regards, AS Team.
Dear Support
I upload the quickstart template of 002035 but I unable to get passed 'Installing Sample Data'. The progress status indicate their is processing but after 10 minutes, its not move to the other stage.

my website url is

Please assist ASAP.


Marsh Narewec
Just checked your site, we found that you was able to install it on your server, if you still have any problems please let us know.

Regards, AS Team.

Excelent design, but i need to change the "Welcome" module tittle cause im portuguese and i didnt find where, can you guys help me?

Its the tittle i need, the text is ok to change.

Best regards
Found it :D
Hello Support,

when I open the various links of the site (contacts, projects, articles on the main page ...) that open a new bank page with only this warning: "No input file specified". Few years ago whit the ASTEMPLATES templates was posible to add or attach various items or content with new pages or modules.

Is not so easy to see how to do it, and make that the new open pages became populated with your editable contents. Is there a way to edit content directly from the website page via HTML.

Thank you,

It seems your server does not support Search Friendly URLs option, you can disable it in your Joomla admin panel -> System -> Global Configuration -> Site -> SEO Settings -> Search Engine Friendly URLs parameter.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS team,

I have a little issue, if I click on the logo, I end up in the middle of the menu and not on the home page.

Any tips?
What is your site url please? Have you installed it using quick-start installation package?

Regards, AS Team.

And yep, I used the quick-start installation
We think you have changed menu item Home page, there should be yellow star icon. For more info please see Joomla documentation:

Regards, AS Team.
You were totally right!

Tkx for the help!
Isantos had posted on may 18:

... i need to change the "Welcome" module tittle cause im portuguese and i didnt find where, can you guys help me?
Its the tittle i need, the text is ok to change.


" Found it .."

Please could you enlighten me what he found, how to change module titles?

Hello HARDYY9,
The page title you can change by editing Page Heading parameter in your Joomla admin panel -> Menus -> Main Menu -> Home -> Page Display tab.

Regards, AS Team.

I am working now with the quickstart package on localhost, because I like the design, but sometimes weired things happen. Fortunately I have learned how to use backups. I also found out how to change most of the titles.

My question now refers to changing of the 'Follow us' title in pos. 31 down in the page:

- Whenever I try to change the title into German 'Folgen Sie uns' , no other changes - by clicking on edit module in frontend, edit title, save and close it - the module does not show up any more.
Did I forget sth? How can I restore this module?

Hello HARDYY9,
'Follow Us' is a social menu module, the settings of this module you can see here:

Regards, AS Team.
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