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The link color you can change in the style.default.css file in the following classes:

a {
color: #ad5215;

a:hover, a.selected {
color: #ad5215;

Regards, AS Team.
Hi again,
I have one last question ( I think :-)).
There are a few icons that is dedicated in blue where the the Our Advantages is described (in my website it is VAD, HUR etc...) are there any way to change theese icons to antoher ones? or change colors, I can´t find them nowhere and they are not in the HTML code either as far as I can see?
All these icon images you can find in the following folder on your server:

Regards, AS Team.
How can I turn of second language on frontend?
Do you mean uninstall? You can do it in your Joomla admin panel -> Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Manage panel.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello as team,

I have a website up and running but for some strange reason some of the banners are working and some aren't. Please help?
Please check your site, it should be OK now.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello as team again,

It is working now thanks. How did you fix the issue for the future?

It is because of the update to Joomla 3.3.6, please see our latest release:

Regards, AS Team.
how do I do the update?
You have just to replace the changed files, but please do not forget about backup before doing it.
But our opinion you do not need to change anything, the main problem was with your slider and we fixed it for you.

Regards, AS Team.
I need to do the update for other websites also. So I need to just copy and paste the file and it will work.
Yes, just upload via FTP.

Regards, AS Team.
How to create a links with '#lorem ipsum'?
For example if I click read more the page will be open not from the top but in the middle page?
Hi I have now slowly started to understand the whole Jommla build up and the major work to translate everything to Swedish :-)
I have a quiestion, where do I change the "text" in the "Read More" buttons and the color of the pages where Joomla built in "read more" isn´t used?
For instance on my home page where it says Svensk IT Funktion?
I have tried to override the templates files, and when I use firebug to examine the HTML code on the actual homepage I can read and change the text, but I cant find the same information in the CSS or HTML files?
The template or Joomla CMS doesn't have this text in the source code, it comes from constants which can be found in the 'language' folder on your server, for example:

Regards, AS Team.
My last question was fault.
How can I turn on second language on frontend?
Please check the following page, it should help you:

Regards, AS Team.
Where do I alter the Contact Us text ?
I found the google map parameters - but I am unable to find the item holding your canadian address

Tx. in advance
Hello TIKO1212,
You can change it in your Joomla admin panel -> Components -> Contacts -> Contact Us page.

Regards, AS Team.
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