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We are sorry, we do not see any purchased items under your account, our support is available for the premium version only.

Regards, AS Team.


I bought the following template as002057 some days ago – but the installation fails.

When I try to install the template via Web – the error: Could not connect to datebase.

The configuration.php is not correct. I tried to set up all information in the php document but it does not work.

Please send me a working template installation.

Thanks alot for your help and kind regards

It means you put some wrong information, it can be your database host name, database name, username or password, this info you can receive from your hosting provider only, sorry we cannot help yo in this case.

Before uploading the package on your server please be sure you do not have any files from previous Joomla installations.

Regards, AS Team.
how much do I have to pay on top when I update to premium edition

Thanks Anne
You already have 002057 template premium edition, you do not need to pay any extra money.

Regards, AS Team.
in AS Artslider Home 4 sliders are created. These are not displayed correctly. The first slider displays this text.
{div class = "editable" data-id = "4" data-context = "article" data-type = "title" data-itemtype = "article" contenteditable = "true" style = "display: inline;"} We bring
Who can help me? This problem occurs since I've installed the new update of the September 2017 purchase version today. All updates (Joomla + extensions) are up to date.
What is your website url please?

Regards, AS Team.
hello as team,

i have one question about the two little pdf icons on my site.
on pc its perfekt! but on mobile phone they are to big an zoomed?

i would like to have them on mobile phone same size as on pc.
what must i do?

best regards marco
Hello MAHU1976,
You have to add image size and styling as the following:

<img src="/images/sampledata/asimages/pdf.gif" alt="" width="16" height="16" style="width: auto !important;">

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team!

Today I found a mistake in our site. The contact page is almost empty. In the past I used the contact function, like in the template given, and edited this, including a Google map. This worked fine. But now there are no Information shown there. Do you have an idea how to fix this?

More Information in our customer data Information. There were some Joomla updates made by the system since my last check.
Please download the latest version from your AS account and replace updated files accordingly to release 1.5.0

Regards, AS Team.
I have a question about slide show.

I have a slideshow in home page, but I can't see it on mobile device... Can you help me?



We are sorry, your license for our free support is expired, you may extend it from your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello I purchased the license for TEMPLATE 002057. But I don't see any got downloaded. I don't see the sample data and slider content as defined in the demo site. Please help
You have to unzip the downloaded package and install file like regular Joomla installation, for more info please see the template documentation:

Regards, AS Team.
hi asteam,
where can i change the high from
as-position-35 (terms menue)?
i would like to have them double hight then yet.
best regards mahu1976

Hello MAHU1976,
What is your website url please?

Regards, AS Team.
hi as team
it is for the site i buy the template for 1 hour.
you can see the page in the special info field.
best regards marco
Hello MAHU1976,
Please see '/templates/as002057/css/tmpl.default.css' file the following class (line2703):

#copyright-row .container {
position: relative;
padding: 20px 0px;

Regards, AS Team.
hello as team,
thanks for your information for line 2703...
i have two more questions.

what must i implement for an high from 120px for as-position-35.

i would like to have two positions example as-position-35 and under that as-position-36 and what must i implement for this?

best reagrds marco
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