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Hi I purchased this template a few days ago and I can't get the "Quick Setup" zip file to install correctly. I'm using Godaddy for hosting. I have no problem uploading/installing the other zip labeled premium but I really need to get all the demo layout uploaded.

If I use the extension upload to installed the quick setup zip it uploads and says it was successful but the template doesn't show up in my template manager.

I've read the "HOW To" but I just can't get it to work correctly. Any advice you can give me?

Can you please let us know the exact steps of installing the package? Thank You.

Regards, AS Team.
I have two problems again. Somehow I disabled the sample pic in the header of my blog / banner (tries to load but doesnt success). Where can I reactivate it?
The 2. problem is: where am I able to edit the texts of these banners (header pics) ?

Thanks a lot!
Hello TOMCAT6001,
It looks like you have deleted all articles under 'Slder Blog' category, you have to recreate them, as example yo can take articles from 'Slider About' category, regarding the text please see articles under 'Slider Home' category.

Regards, AS Team.
Purchased and downloaded. Unzipped the page that said "Unzip me first" that had both the Quick start and the basic premium zips inside.

Then I went to the extensions manager and uploaded the Zip file file that was labeled Quick start. It uploads and says successful but can't see it in template manager.

If I try to upload it again it say's a file by that name is already there. So I have to uninstall/reinstall Joomla.

I tried using the Basic Premium zip and that uploads and shows up in my template manager no problem along with all the extensions I have to manually upload.

Problem is I want the demo content. There seems to be so much missing between using the quick startup & just using the premium.

Just can't figure out why your quick startup zip isn't working for me with joomla.

Any help would be great on getting the Quick Startup uploaded and working.

You can't upload the quick-start via Joomla extension manager. The quick-start is a fully functional and customized Joomla! package containing the default Joomla installation package, all modules, chosen template and plugins with all the configurations and data in one place. The sample data in the quick-start package is also personalized according to the template and is much different to the sample data found in the default Joomla package.
It means you have install it like you installing regular Joomla package, please carefully read the template documentation page and install the quick-start package accordingly to this page:

Regards, AS Team.
Ok so I don't even need to install Joomla 3.2 from my Cpanel is what your telling me. Instead I'm actually just installing the Quick Start up zip and that contains everything I will need including Joomla.

Am I understand you correctly? My question is where/how am I uploading the Quick Start up package? Am I doing in via my Cpanel File Manager? Or is it the My SQL Database I need to add it to?

How do I know if I have Shell access or not? What should I look for in my cpanel?

Sorry I'm just really lost on trying to get this to upload correctly and any help would be great.

Thank you

Yes, you have upload it via File Manager and then proceed wit installation like regular Joomla installation, please see the following page for more info:


Regards, AS Team.
Thank you for all your help and this link

That right there walked me through it all from start to finish. I now have it have it installed 100% and I couldn't be more relieved.

Thanks again

how can I add a favicon in to the template?
You have put it to the template's root folder, for example:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, I have an issue on my home page, an article has popped up & I am unable to locate where it is to delete it, please advise.



The below is a copy of the article that's there that I am unable to locate & delete. Thanks...

Morbi porttitor pharetra libero et semper. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra.
Suspendisse mollis lectus libero, sed cursus lorem posuere sed. Sed felis est, consequat ac ornare quis, scelerisque sed risus. Curabitur scelerisque tellus et erats.
Sed vitae quam velit. Morbi pellentesque velit a arcu vulputate elementum. Curabitur semper, dolor ut elementum feugiat, nulla arcu laoreet justot.
Phasellus eleifend bibendum ligula euismod sagittis. Mauris tellus felis, dapibus vel dolor ac, rutrum pulvinar urna. Vestibulum nec auctor quam, ac volutpat metus.
You can find it in your Joomla admin panel, in Article Manager under category Home, the article name is 'Our Advantages'.

Regards, AS Team.
Also can you give some directive on how to embed a video? Thanks....
You have to install some extension which support video, try to find it on the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you much appreciated...
Hello again, I just realized that all of my news articles & other articles within my site all have the wrong month & year, what can I do to correct this issue?


You can edit it in Article Manager / Publishing.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello again,

I have somehow removed the sliding image banners across the top of my WC Community, Contact Us, Services etc pages...can you please tell me how to put those images back.

Thanks again for all of your support...


Please check how it is done for other pages and do the same on pages where you have removed it.

Regards, AS Team.
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