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Hello, I installed the package in Portuguese several items are already in stock but the login form is not translated, and looked at other models but this does not appear translated. How can you help me?


We can just suggest you is to ask for help Joomla community: or you can ask for our services, sorry but the problem is not related to the template.

Regards, AS Team.
Internal Server Error is just a symptom of the issue, the script calls too many php resources and eventually causing issues system wide. I had to remove the template to prevent it from happening, I am not modifying it. Before you claim that I should use the quick install, it was installed using the quick install. Good luck, just gonna have to find another template.
Hello is this sentence at the bottom of the home I do not think that place can change, as you have informed me.

DISCLAIMER: Revolutionary hair color fortifies every strand giving you shinier, healthier-looking hair & amazing base color paired with hints of red high & low-lights for a sultry color with amazing dimension.

This text is published in module position 31 as a custom html, you have just put your text here.

Regards, AS Team.
Him I've problem with the native contact form...It doesn't work...:-( I saw in many forum that tha native form contact has often problems....What can i do? do you have any suggestions? Thanks
What kind of problem do you have?

Regards, AS Team.

I know in: ext.asmenu.css file we can change the text-transform property to: capitalize or lowercase . But I want the text appear exactly as it is written, e.g.: Dies ist ein Beispiel

NOT all lowercase or NOT all capitalize.

How to do it? Thanks.
Hello FFMER32,
In this case you have change it to: text-transform: none;

Regards, AS Team.
thanks, it worked fine for the menu.

I have the same issue in a custom HTML module where a text links to an article. Each first letter of the title is written with a capital although the original title is not capitalized.
Where could I change that too?
Hello FFMER32,
Our suggestion, in the tmpl.default.css file make search for all 'text-transform' properties and replace them with 'none'.

Regards, AS Team.
So my "contact us" menu link doesn't take me to the page it used to.
I changed all the info, even the ones from google maps, about a week ago
Today I checked and its telling me there is a xml problem.
Could you please check?
Thank you
URL and info in my description
By some reason the plugin can't parse your data, we changed it with latitude and longitude, now it looks fine.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi team,
how to make the whole header-row with the logo invisible or delete all together?
Hello FFMER32,
Try to add the following class to the style.custom.css file:

#header-row {
display: none;

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, I would like to change the order of the displayed products in the "our-stuff" page. how can I do that ?

The ordering you can change in your Joomla admin panel -> Menus -> Main Menu -> Our Stuff -> Blog Layout Panel.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello thank you!

Ok, so I am trying to have page/module/article whatever will work similar to this one on my old site:
But when i put in my HTML code, it takes away my amazon affiliate links ...
and only keeps title, author, and description ...
any ideas how to work this through ?

What it looks like right now

and i want it to look like this (the same format)

Thank you
Sorry, our support team can't help you in this case, for any customization services please use the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello all well, I have the template AS002060. Only noticed that this layout with vertical scroll bar how to fix this?


Thank you
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