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l'extension "AS ArtSlider" ne fonctionne que sur l'accueil
et pas sur les autres pages intérieures.
L'extension "mod_news_pro_gk4" ne fonctionne pas.
Il est indiqué qu'il manque le fichier .ini
Merci de trouver une solution à ces problèmes.
Je suis la version 3.3.0 de Joomla.

the extension "AS ArtSlider" works only on the home page and not on the other pages inside.
The extension "mod_news_pro_gk4" does not work.
It is indicated that .ini file doesn't exist.
Thank you to find a solution to these problems.
I am version 3.3.0 of Joomla.

Hello SUDAKA27,

Please provide us with site URL, we have to see the issue.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello. Im wondering. Will I be able to change that green background on the menu? Thanks.
Yes, it can be done by editing css files, or you can ask for our services:

Regards, AS Team.

i'm using this template for a multilingual site. I'd like to publish the language switcher somewhere in the header for obvious reasons.
Is it possible to create a new position in the header or to integrate the language switcher in Pos.1 among with the menu?

Thanks for your help.
Yes, you can add it in the position 1 and put bootstrap size the same like menu module, probably you will need to sort these two modules so your language switched will be above the menu, as well you will need to add/create some custom css.

Regards, AS Team.
I've got a minor issue with loading the slider for home page (2065pxx832px). The blank loading section is too small so that untill the first image slide has been loaded the circles from position 6 move partly underneath the menu. Soon the image has been loaded, the cirles move down and everything is in order. On your sample page it opens already with big white space (even it is blank until the image is loaded) but the circles are right from start where the belong to. Any suggestion is very appreciated.

Thanks and regards
What is your site url please, we have to see it.

Regards, AS Team.
I bought the template 002065, but my joomla is 2.5
I can use the same template?
This template is compatible with Joomla 3+ only, please see item details page for more info. If you would like to have your site exact like our demo preview you have to install it using quick-start installation package which already contains Joomla version:

FYI, Joomla 2.5 is supported till December 2014, please see the following page for all details:

Regards, AS Team.
I bought this template during installation with sample data the template doesnt complete the installation. Installation without sample data goes well but the as002065 isn't listed among the installed templates although under the templates folder it's there. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

Regards Charles
Our suggestion is completely delete all Joomla files from your server and install the quick-start installation package one more time with an other database prefix, please do not forget to chose template sample data on the Final step, for more info please see the template documentation page:

Regards, AS Team.

I have downloaded the free version of the template 002065. It looks great, thank you for making this available.

Can some one help me with some issues?
- In the template files, I see the icons like ico.adv2.png. The free version doesn't have demo content, so I have to set concent myself. How can I get those 3 circles with images in the same way as the demo?
- And how can I activate the slider and set images?

It would be great if there was some more guides for the free version.

Hi there!

I am a club member. I installed the quick start package for this template but unable to view the broad flash images run on the home page as the demo site. I have installed the various extensions.

However, I realised that the as slider module doesn't work. How can you help please.

Site name is

Please, get back to me so I proceed.


Have you choose the template sample data during final step installation?
Sorry, your site url which you provided to us is not working.

Regards, AS Team.
I choosed the sample data at installation. The URL was re-directed. Please use
Our suggestion is completely reinstall it, it looks like you have installed some extensions which not included in the package.

Regards, AS Team.
I re-installed and it worked. BUT where can I change literature on the flash images?

Sorry! I saw this in the article section

I bought the product. I did the installation with fast loading. In the main page of the web site gives .php errors. I'm waiting for your help on the subject.

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