Joomla! Template 002065 - Item Support

We are sorry, this template is not designed for VirtueMart, we are not able to provide you with support to extensions which are not included in the template package..

Regards, AS Team.
Dear AS Team,

I'm talking about the search module like it noticed before.

The search module is part of and not virtue mart.

I'm not using virtual anymore. It will be out.

Please have a look a the search module in and tell me how I can have the same styling in your template.

Best, Dimitri
Our template does not have css for this module, it means you have to create your css and put it in the style.custom.css file.
Or you may ask for our customization services here:

Regards, AS Team.
I am wanting to add the Google Analytics Tracking Code.

Please advise how to do this. On some templates, there is a specific, easy way of doing this, but not on this Template.


We are sorry, your license for our support is expired, you may extend it from your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello ASTemplates,
how to change footer image with own desain from footer.psd ?
Please see 'as002065/css/tmpl.default.css' file the following class (line 3014):

#footer-row {
line-height: 17px;
background-color: #d6d6d6;
background-image: url(../images/bg.footer.jpg);
background-position: bottom center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
border-top: 1px solid #FFF;

Regards, AS Team.
hello ASTemplates,
1. How to change the order that appears in Hotdeals, by default i see with "ID".
2. How to add the number of Hotdeals that appear, by default is 6.
3. How to change the order on the Resorts page by categories? Bermuda on first row, Bahamas on next. By default is random order.
I've installed the premium version, and it looks nothing like the demo.

Thoroughly disappointing since I was looking for the same as the demo.

The website is
Did you install it using quick-start installation package or template only?
Have you checked the template installation documentation:

Regards, AS Team.
Where to place the favicon in the template root?
Yes, the favicon you have to put in the template root folder.

Regards, AS Team.
Ok great. Also, is it possible to make the AS menu span the entire screen?

And how do I change the read more buttons to another colour?

Likewise, I have changed the AS Menu Colour, but can't seem to find where to change the green that sits in the background for the logo...

Thanks for all help so far!
Sorry, this template doesn't have such option, it should be developed.

The color can be changed by editing css files. You can easy determinate the file which should be changed and the css class by installing and using Firebug plugin for Chrome:
For more info please see the following article:

What is your website url please?

Regards, AS Team.
hello, the URL is

I tried using firebug after reading your post, but still not finding it.

I redirect each evening though.
We are sorry, the website url you provided to us does not use our template, please check.

Regards, AS Team.

So how do I change the as menu so that the drop down items are text-align: Left? Firebug shows me it is from ext.default.css, but I can't find this file....
Here it is:

Regards, AS Team.

I just purchased the template. Installed it, and then checked everything was fine.
then i upgraded to 3.8.2 Joomla and i get error
0 - Using $this when not in object context.
No plugins are waiting to upgrade. Which one is the one affected ?

Hello GEORGEP83,
For checking this issue can you please provide us with an access to your Joomla admin panel? The access info please put in the Special info area under your Purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
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