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You can download the latest template version from you AS account and take the image, our suggestion to perform backups before making any changes.

Regards, AS Team.

Thanks again for your reply.

But I don't want to have that picture, i want to put other pictures there.
I deleted the hole file, so how can I make a new file for the picture I want to put there?


Here is an original article source code:

<div class="advantage_1">
<h2>Order On-Line for 5 Minutes</h2>
<p>Morbi porttitor pharetra libero et semper. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent. Integer blandit faucibus augue, a cursus leo faucibus eget.</p>
<div class="advantage_2">
<h2>Save from 200$ with Hot Deals</h2>
<p>Suspendisse mollis lectus libero, sed cursus lorem posuere sed. Sed felis est, consequat ac ornare quis, scelerisque sed risus. Curabitur tellus. Duis suscipit interdum nunc nec ullamcorper. Pellentesque sit amet vehicula erat.</p>
<div class="advantage_3">
<h2>Airport Pick-Up / Drop Off</h2>
<p>Sed vitae quam velit. Morbi pellentesque velit a arcu vulputate elementum. Curabitur semper, dolor ut elementum feugiat, nulla arcu. Nulla turpis purus, dictum eget aliquet ut, porttitor sit amet leo metus sit amet pulvinar nisi.</p>

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for your reply,

The pictures are not in the article i believe.

I deleted this file in the template manager.
I want this file back in the template manager.


Sorry, not quite understand, in your last post you are writing that you do not need this picture.

Regards, AS Team.

I don't need specially that picture i just need to know how to create the file.

I think this must be really easy to understand:
I deleted this file in the template manager.
I just want this file back.
How can i create a new file for this location in the template?
So that i can put my own pic in there
I hope you get it now.

The png file you can create in any image editor, for example we are using PhotoShop.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS team,

I know how to create the png file, thats not the question....
In my opinion is the question very easy end good to understand.
Maybe you get it this time.

I just want to know how i can put a new file on that location in the template

There are 3 pics on that location

I found this files in the template manager off Joomla.

So, what happens...
I deleted the complete folder/file where was ico.adv2 in.
So when you now look at the site you didn't see the middle picture.
Off course I want to have a picture there.
But i don't know how to create that in this template.

I think I can not be more clear than this.

Happy new year,

The deleted folder or any deleted files you can always take from the quick-start package, just unzip it and upload missed folders/files on your server via FTP.

Regards, AS Team.

before buying the template I would like to be sure about:

1) Is it possible to change "Paradise" to another word? I've tried in the free template, but I cannot.

2) I've installed the free template after joomla installation (using extension management), but the template is empy and it is not possible to evaluate it. Is there another way to have it?

3) where the company logo have to be placed?

Thank you.

Remark: As you noted I'm quite new in Joomla word, so I' kindly ask you some patiente ...

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.

1. "Paradise" is the template logo, you can change it with your logo using template parameters.
2. Joomla free template does not come with any demo content. Template is only predefined layout of possible modules positions including the main website graphics like header, logo or footer. The sample data included in the premium version only.

Regards, AS Team.
where I can see all the positions of the modules?

best regards
The module position table you can preview here:

Regards, AS Team.

before buying the template I have some questions:

1) The three circular images that "pierce" the principal image: on the free template there is no specific information about position or modules for their settings. In the paid version there is a specific solution, or there is no differences between free and paid version about this part?

2) In the free version I was forced to change the file "mod_as_menu.php" at line 17 for an output error about variables: is this a known problem? Other solutions without changing the code?

Regards, Eugenio.
Hello CORPO14,
The premium version comes with quick-start installation package, after installing this package your site will look exact like lur demo preview, as well we are not supporting our free items, we are sorry for that and thank you for understanding.

Regards, AS Team.
I have downloaded the quickstart twice but it does not finished installation as it stops at loadsample data. What could be wrong? I have tried this twice with different download
Just released update for the template, which has new optimized sample data, please download it from your AS account and install.

Regards, AS Team.

Please help me know how to change the pictures on the header or in any of the articles for example.
Can t find any clear info anywhere. Please answer like to a noob as this is what I am.
Thank you in advance!
In slider you can change the images using articles images and links features:
All slider articles you can find under slider category.

Or you can change images on your server in "images\sampledata\asimages\slider\" folder.

Regards, AS Team.
The same problem. I just down a fresh file and install. It still stops at Installing Sample Data Stage
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