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Hello, I can't see the demo.
Can you help me, please?
Thank You for noticing about this issue, we are checking it.

Regards, AS Team.
The problem is solved, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards, AS Team.
website worked fine but today instead of revolution slider I saw:
The Current Version of jQuery:1,6,3
Please update your jQuery Version to min. 1.7 in Case you wish to use the Revolution Slider Plugin

how can I update?
hi there, this is our second purchase, we really like your templates. however, we are having a very slight issue with images.

for example on the front page of this template, under the heading OUR PARTNERS, the images are at least zoomed in 2 - 3 X times. So any image we insert into this sg page enlarges automatically, it is happening to most of the sg modules listed on the front page for images.

Can you please tell me how to stop all these images enlarging 2 x times?

Hello. I am thrilled with the purchased template LT charity, it fits perfectly for me.
But I have a problem with the pictures. I will add one with 300px in the article, the article itself but they are then 100% in size. That is so not his.
Please tell me what I need to change, because as the template makes then but no joy.
Please apologize that the Google translated for me, unfortunately I do not speak English.
Hi, recently I bought this template and I like so much, but I have a little problem..I dont know how hide the option of customize on the the little wheel on the we can to change de color..but I dont want to have it..
Also want to know how to edit the above option in order to use it properly on my page, this option is the right ( ) is where you customize the colors , please I help with this problem , I appreciate immensely.
I have just sent you a message on your LT website. My quick start is not working. So I cannot install the template. It seems some files are missing. Please install for me and let me know how you did it so that I master it myself.
Thanks it is working perfect.
Now assist me again.
In the upper right corner you have contact details: phone number and email, how do i change these? I tried, tried but cannot find a place to change it.
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LT Charity
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