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Very strange, try to change the width on line 322 in template.css file from 90px to 100px

#submenu {
float: right;
height: 25px;
margin: 15px 12px 0 0;
width: 100px;
Have tried changing it to 100 & it becomes 'stepped' but not horizontal.

Now I've increased it to 250 & still it is still stepped, but moved in further.

Any ideas?

PS this is in template.css in the as002022/css folder
It should be checked, there is a lot of changes was done. We will need access to your FTP in this case.
Have emailed you to get latest template
Sorry, we are not received any requests, please contact us again.
I have tried installing this template 5 time and I keep getting ”JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file” Any ideas?
My apologies I figured it out.
I have a problem with search position-0.
I dont like to have title... when i go to module, i turn off the title and the title still exist... whats the problem?
You have to rewrite the module, or use our, which you can take from the downloaded template in html folder, look for mod search.
As well, please see our ”How To” documantation regarding how to create and add the new module to your template.
Still not hide... find me a solution plz
I cannot install it. I receive this message:
JInstaller::Install : impossible de trouver un fichier d'initialisation XML
JInstaller::Install : impossible de trouver un fichier d'initialisation XML

I had already installed other AsTemplate for trying before purchase but I want to install this template and after I will buy it.
A few other temnplates had the same problem.
Ok I understand Why, I must dezip the template for obtaining the good version for Joomla 1.7

On 2011-08-02 ”olaeblue” asked:

”Can I get the featured items to go in columns on this template. Despite configuring for columns ithe template seems to insist that they are all 1 atop another.”

and you answered:

”Regarding featured articles, you are right it designed to show in one column only, in multiple columns will be available in the next version.”

When will this ”next version” be available?

In the near future?
The next version should be availabe in one month.
Is there an update policy for bought templates (premium license), or should I wait untill next month?
Currently we don't have any updates for this template, please wait.
Thanks for your Template, how do I get the start buttons embossed to look like he DEMO?

If I add these items buttons are embossed, but not the main menu.
Thank you very much,

Sorry for my bad English ...:)
Sorry, what do you mean by 'start buttons'? Navigation bar in the top right corner of the template?
I would like to know how to make each item in the navigation bar to light up when the cursor goes on top of it. I can only get the menus that display underneath to light up.

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